Survival Horror Dread The Bridgewater Triangle

by Byron Smith

    Game & levels are set up. Need of a game ready TPS player, and more zombie characters, for a cut in all game earnings.

    Dread - the Bridgewater Triangle is part one of a planned trilogy. It is a survival horror based along the lines of the First Resident Evil and Silent Hill games. It is a third-person shooter as well as first-person shooter depending on the scene. The game is based on the Bridgewater Triangle, its 300 year old curse and the paranormal activities that take place in Bridgewater Massachusetts and includes scenes based on that location, like Independence Harbor, Freetown river Falls, Hokamock Swamp, Profile Rock, Freetown river state forest, The Freetown State Hospital/Asylum, plus much more.(Google " the Bridgewater triangle" for ref)

    Game play has two basic play modes. Some level are TPS and require solving puzzles, finding components you need, to assemble, putting out fires, drive a timed course, interacting with AI characters to get secondary objectives, finding clues, sneaking past some zombies, hiding from others and of course killing them.

    Then there are scenes that are FPS, where you have to make it to the exit point and all that stands in your way are hordes of zombies. which you proceed to kill in any way you can.

    If you die in the game you go to purgatory for a chance to fight for your soul, this is an obstacle course that needs to be completed in a certain amount of time in order to respawn if not, you start the game right at the beginning of the level again with empty inventory.

    My part

    I have spent the last year developing and designing this game, and it looks stunning, a lot of thought and detail has gone into each scene and I have no doubt about its success. I have used game play elements like those from my favourite games like Resident Evil (1,2,3&4), Silent Hill, Splinter Cell, Fall Out and for good measure Need for speed and thrown them all into one.

    I am at point that my levels are complete. All actions, interactions, triggers, events, colliders etc are done. The story is complete as well. Some of the cut scenes are done, especially the ones not involving the player.

    I am now currently doing all the UI & remainder of the Cutscenes, and the narration, but now I am getting stuck with the FPS and TPS player.

    Once the game is complete I will go full gear into marketing mode, which has started already, creating awareness of the game.

    (Expected) Revenue

    The game is being released for Windows, Android and IOS, and will be available for download from the PlayStore, Microsoft store, Appstore, Steam, and more.

    The game will be free with adverts or for sale without adverts.
    In-app purchases will include weapons upgrades and batteries that you will need for your torch and mobile phone, without which you will not be able to play. ( for those not willing to pay they can watch an advert or two to get minimum batteries).

    The target is 1000 000 downloads in the first year and based on that figure including in-app purchases i would be expecting anything from $2000 all the way up to $20 000 per day within a year.

    Risks & challenges

    The survival horror market is hot right now so the risks all nominal. it all boils down to getting it to the right gamer influencers to play the game on their channel. I have thrown everything i have into this game over the past year, so I have no budget for advertising, but I do have an ace up my sleeve in that I am a digital marketer by profession, so I can get it huge exposure for no cost.
      • Huge opportunity for the right Unity Guru

      • 8-16 h.p.w
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      Function description

      What I need is a game ready TPS player and clone FPS player, rigged animated and a controller that allows sneaking, picking up items, use guns (5-7 types) and able to use melee weapons like chainsaw, axe etc. Weapons and bullets rigged for damage This player must also be animated according to requirements for cut scenes. I would also like a bigger variety of zombies to include in the game. that are rigged animated.


      You must be able to design a contemporary male journalist. Third person male player with input for keys and mobile touch controls The players needs to be able to shoot, with inventory of at least 5 guns that the player can pick up. Bullets must be set for damage. Players need to included health, and inventory. Play animations needed are standard, crouch , walk, sneak, shoot, run, jump, hit and die. Plus in one or twon narration cutscenes the player will need lips to be synched to narration. And then any other input that you might have


      Because of the amount of work I have done already, I will offer 50/40 split on all revenue made from the game sales, in-app purchases as well as advertising, with an opportunity to do an even 50/50 partnership for parts two and three

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  • Starting: Apr 22, 2019
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Huge opportunity for the right Unity Guru
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