Life Simulator Replica

by Heinrich Langenhoven

    Life Simulator Game where the player works, eat and sleep

    I am working on a Life Simulator game, very basic, eat sleep work game. There will be many careers and positions in careers. The goal of this project is to have a startup game, and built an industry from there. If you are new to design, please do apply as this will be a perfect, minimal effort game we hope to gain loads of exposure.

    My part

    I will be developing the game and setup the backend and publish the game to the stores.

    (Expected) Revenue

    The game will be released free on app store and the game will be 100% playable for free. There will be additional story lines that will be purchasable but that is not part of this scope.

    I need partners for this game, who can design and develop this game to the next level, and if there is Revenue, then we split.
    However, if you are interested in this project, but want compensation, I will be willing to pay the best person for their time (once off).

    This game is intended for exposure of skills, for all parties involved.

    Risks & challenges

    The risk for this project is designers not willing to put in a bit of time to develop the story line of the game, and the UI lacking creativity.
    I am hoping to change this with the appropriate designers.
      • Story line creator or creative writer

      • 2-4 h.p.w
      1 week ago
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      Function description

      Need someone in this category who can develop the career stories. Current expected Careers: Basic Labour - Truck driver - Post Boy Accountant - Level1,2,3,4,5,6.... CEO Military - Recruit, Reserver,Soldier,... Commander, Generals, SoD All these career lines need to created with how much experience is required to be promoted.


      Must be able to create a career line from start to end in a manner that will make sense for the player.


      I am willing to offer compensation.
      • Artists

      • 4-8 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Need someone on the team who can make art illustrations for the game. This will include images for the career paths, food items, furniture and other art.


      Art can be done in any program, we will need it in png format in the end, so no special requirements. Art can even be pencil drawn.


      I am looking for someone who is looking to express their talents and more interested in exposure than funds. I am willing to compensate for time but this is a startup and funds are very low. I can provide assets on
      • GUI Designer

      • 2-4 h.p.w
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      Function description

      I need someone who can create GUI in Illustrator or Photoshop. The designs will be exported as Png and used as images inside the game.


      Need to be creative and create interface the player will enjoy and understand. Designs must prefably be done in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, but any tool where an png image can be exported is acceptable.


      I am looking for someone who wants to do this for exposure of skills. I am willing to compensate, but budget is extremely low. I can provide assets available on

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Christiana, South Africa
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