by Milan Windictive

    I code a game that lacks of some good art you can do. Help me by contributing in my best game with your art skills.

    Defend your home !
    - Train your archer.

    - Hire comrades to help you defend your castle.

    - Build and expand your castle.
    - Feed your people and tax them later to build even more !

    - RPG elements
    - Ammunition, town, money and time management.

    My part

    master, headmaster, super headmaster.

    - game design, level design, codeman, testman, programmer.

    i do all the code, the rest is free source from around the internet. i would like to change that and have a custom made art that fits nicely into the theme.

    started this project on 22nd january.
    since then i spend about 5 - 15 hours a day coding, testing, editing...

    (Expected) Revenue

    i intend to release on steam, most probably.
    but i cant promise you any payment until then (if it will sell well)

    Risks & challenges

    i do not think there are any.
      • Artist and Animator

      • 4-8 h.p.w
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      Function description

      You will be responsible for delivering 2D sprites i can implement into the game. currently the need of few simple animations are also the main focus.


      i dont care how much you are willing to contribute, but it would be nice to push the game together a bit faster than just doing one sprite a month


      possible revenue shares. influence the outcome by contributing your own ideas. be proud of your best artwork to be in the best game credits

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  • Starting: Apr 11, 2019
  • Expires in: 66 days
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Milan Windictive

Konstantinovy Lazne, Czech Republic
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Artist and Animator
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