Crystal Champions

by Robert Qiu

    A turn based multiplayer game for iOS and Android platforms, projected release date August 2019.

    Crystal Champions is a real-time, turn based strategy game targeted at the mobile platform. Players battle each other in a competitive PvP mode, gaining cups and advancing to elite rankings, all while acquiring loot boxes that contain new champions, champion cards, coins, crystals, and more. There is also a single player mode planned, where players can go on missions to collect more loot.

    Players build squads of 6 champions, utilizing each champion's unique skillset and stats to strategically dominate opponents. The goal is to destroy the enemy's crystal. Each move by a champion costs time units (TU), which dictates how much longer that champion has to wait before it can attack again. While higher rarities of champions are generally more powerful, all champions possess unique playstyles and synergies and can lead players to victory.

    Crystal Champions Crystal Champions Crystal Champions

    My part

    I am the lead programmer, artist, and producer of this project. I started on my own a year ago, and over the course of that year finished most of the game, needing only several more things to finish and release the game on mobile platforms.

    (Expected) Revenue

    Nothing is for certain, this game has potential for success but if you are expecting stable revenue, then most likely it is not for you. It is something I work on partly as a hobby (I am in university) as well as something I truly want to see succeed. That being said, there is a lot of potential for revenue as this game is a freemium model. Since it is free to play, it will be much easier to get players, and from there on out there is no limit to how much they can spend to acquire loot boxes and in game currency through in app purchases. Most of the pay will be a share of the revenue we make, and this will take time initially.

    Risks & challenges

    There are many risks but also high payoffs as well. Since this is an online multiplayer game, the biggest risk, like most online games in the beginning, is not getting enough players to attract new ones. However, this can be dealt with by creating PvE modes as well as a big marketing campaign upon release to generate as much traction as possible.
      • Pixel Artist

      • 16-32 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Create the art packages for the remaining 17 champions that do not have any art done yet. An art package consists of: an idle and attack animation, champion icon, and move icons (usually 4-6 moves for each champion). Furthermore, 19 other champions do not have move icons so that is something to do as well.


      High quality pixel art experience; able and willing to match the style of the existing art in game; able to do at least 3-5 champion art packages a week; able and willing to check in and communicate with the rest of the team several times each week; passion and dedication for the game.


      Proportional revenue share to work completed. Terms negotiable. Possible up-front pay if rate is low enough.

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