Dev needed for Retro Styled FMV GAME

by Nick box

    Retro Styled FMV games like those of the Mega Cd / 3Do Era using footage already shot by myself award winning filmmaker.

    As i mentioned above I Currently have 3 Projects pretty much ready to go I would be happy to do these in any order or if you only want to do 1 again we could discuss which one to tackle.

    Grindhouse Projectionist Simulator

    Some of my early films where all grindhouse style Horror/Exploitation films, in this game you take the role of a projectionist in a seedy grindhouse cinema. You pick the film you want to screen out of a selection of 3 each varying in length and difficulty. The game screen will be similar to games like Night Trap this has a frame on the right hand side which represents the cinema screen and on the left hand side you have the projector underneath you have all the clips that make up the film separated into segments represented as reels of film. you have to select the correct pieces of film in the right order and watch out for cigarette burns in the video to change the film at the correct time and adjust the film if there is any shaking reels or damaged film or overheating projector. you start with a set number of Audience members the more mistakes you make the lower that number drops until its game over at the start of each film you have an opportunity to gain a bonus audience score by attaching certain trailers to the film. I already have the films completed and broken down into scenes ready to go straight into the game all i need is someone to design the interface and code it etc.

    Elevator Man

    This one is based on a really avant garde feature i made about a guy in an elevator that keeps going up and random occurrences kid happening over and over sending him into madness. The Game will play out like a homage to the Twilight Zone its in black and white with a Rod Serling Esque narrator explaining the man will only reach his destination when he reaches insanity. the film will play in the centre of the screen and the man will continuously go up in the elevator you control what happens to the man by stopping the elevator and making random things happen to him over and over again there is a sanity bar the objective is to fill it and the man will reach his destination and the ultra weird ending of the film will play, However doing some actions at the wrong time or wrong order will not phase the man and the sanity bar will drop. This one again is fully shot and edited and ready to go.

    Suicidal Spaceman

    Out of the 3 projects i have this is the least developed but it is also one of the most simple you view a live feed of ship travelling through space piloted by a solo astronaut on a journey to the moon, he is depressed and wants to kill himself through radio contact you have to counsel him and keep him alive until he reaches the moon. It's a simple continuous video loop that keeps playing with multiple choice questions below the astronaut will answer them through prerecorded audio if you ask the wrong questions he will kill himself you have to keep him happy and last out the duration of the journey to the moon. The footage of the spaceship travelling through space and landing on the moon is complete and the script is halfway there i have an actor lined up to record the audio. Yet again its the game play and the interface i need help with.

    My part

    Hi I am a fairly established underground film maker.

    I have flirted with a bit of Game Design in the past but nothing more than a bunch of Game Jam games.

    As i have been a film maker for almost 20 years i have a massive catalogue of films and footage recently i came up with the idea to turn a few bits i had into some Retro Style FMV games sort of homage to SEGA CD/ MEGA CD era.

    I have these mapped out and even Graphics started but i am looking for someone with a bit of experience to collab with to help design and implement the interface.

    It's all fairly basic stuff just mainly click this play this drag this play that sort of stuff with a few other features.

    I am intending to release these via the likes of Steam Etc

    so ideally looking for someone to partner up with to make them and release them with.

    I have the footage completed and the designs and mechanics mapped out for 3 games so far. I am currently working on the Graphics.

    After these projects are released i would be interested in attempting something bigger like a full interactive movie with many Branching Paths

    (Expected) Revenue

    I already have a small but loyal global fan base from my movie making so some sales are guaranteed and also the Retro Style looking just like the games from the Mega CD era will also drum up some sales as currently alot of nostalgia for these type games. Some recent remasters of games like Night Trap, Double Switch, 7thGuest have all sold well.

    I am looking to make and release these as a partnership with someone and split the revenue in half and name the Studio we operate this venture from so equal all the way ive done all the film work you do the game work. we promote together.

    Risks & challenges

    Coming from a film Background i have that side of it covered but the Games side of it whilst i have a little experience in that field and a fairly good knowledge base and contacts list of the games industry I am fairly amateur on the design and implementation side.

    So i really need someone with experience and knowledge to put these together, from what i do understand these should be fairly simple projects as predominantly its click this play that drag this play that, don't do this don't do that its game over. so it shouldn't be too hard to pull off and i presume should be a fairly quick production.

    If these sell i would like to shoot a new film entirely from the ground up an interactive feature film.
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      Function description

      To Design,Implement,Code Interface for 1 to 3 Retro Style FMV (Full Motion Video) Games all footage has already been shot. This Partnership between you the Game Designer and myself the film maker will act like a collaborative game studio releasing these games together.


      Knowledge and experience of game design and preferebly experience working with Video in games. A passion for 90s style FMV games and Adventures. A drive to make games in the niche. A willingness to help promote projects too.


      As this could be more than one project I want to form a partnership and split this all half share all profits etc. the film side of it is already shot so its just the implementation and release/promotion to go. But i offer a straight 50/50 partnership with the right person.

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