My Printing Business

by Heinrich Langenhoven

    Run your own printing business. Manage, hire and fire as you please. Very very small game - #SkillsDemonstrationGig

    Creation of a office simulator based game where the player manages an office for a printing business. Start of with a set of capital, rent an office (various sizes will be allowed) and hire/fire the stuff as you wish. You need to make money, so set the style of your work (price/quality/support) and let the advertisements run. Generate the quotes for your customers and get the job done. The ultimate goal is to have a large office with plenty of stuff. Happy stuff was not be used in this sentence as you can also turn out to be a sadistic boss. Your choice...

    I need people who can invest their time as I am doing in a project that will not promise anything other than the fame and glory.

    This is a project for the community if you will.

    My part

    I will be doing the dev work and also have access to all the require tools to release.

    I am an extremely dynamic thinker, and if you work with me, I can promise you we will always take things to the next level.

    (Expected) Revenue

    Initial plan is to make a free game for the public to enjoy.
    The revenue plan will be a follow up game instead.

    Money cant buy experience, so take a chance and join my venture.

    Risks & challenges

    Lack of story
    Lack of art
    Lack of music
    Lack of popularity

    Time will not be on this list as this is not a project intended to be a money making scheme, instead exposure and a learning experience.

    But together we can overcome all these challenges
      • Designer or Planner

      • 1-2 h.p.w
      Kevin Hagen
      1 week ago
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      Function description

      We need someone on the team that is cleaver with coming up with fun ideas and who can communicate the idea with the team. Someone innovative and exciting.


      Ability to communicate with various people on the team and get ideas flowing, and make these ideas into a plan.


      Exposure as a great story teller/designer
      • Artist

      • 4-8 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Looking for someone who can design or contribute art and/or design interfaces for visually presentation.


      An eye for detail, someone who can make something beautiful and flourish.


      Exposure for the great artist you are
    Levi Geers 2 weeks ago
    Hi there! If you are looking for an experienced Unity developer, hit me up :D I also have gamedesign knowledge, Agile Scrum and Git experience, and basic 3d modeling skills. Greetings, Levi

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  • Starting: Apr 09, 2019
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