by Roxanne

    We are creating a mobile game and we need an artist to finish it!

    This is how the project currently look like. The UIs are almost finals, but the decorations and characters are juste placeholders.

    The project is a simulation game where you have to manage your office by doing games, managing your employees and decorating your office.

    I don't want to give much information on the project here, but don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you are interested in the project!

    My part

    I am the programmer on the project. I work with Unity and C# and I have various experiences in the field (game jams, other realeases and jobs).
    The game was started a year ago, so most of the development is finished, I am currently polishing the game.
    However, if you have ideas or suggestions for the game, I am willing to implement or change features!

    (Expected) Revenue

    We are currently two persons working on the project: myself and a UI/UX artist. We don't have a budget yet, but when the game will be released, we will make sure to split the revenues in a fair way. Depending on your amount of work, this will vary between 10 - 35%

    Risks & challenges

    The risk is that we don't know how much money the game will provide. The challenges would be to create simple Isometric assets that are small enough to be performant on mobile. Also, characters and their animations can be a challenge.
      • Isometric 2D Artist

      • 2-4 h.p.w
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      Function description

      You will have to create Isometric assets : - Lots of furniture - A few characters - Some basic animations You'll also have a lot of liberty on what you will do. I can provide you a list of assets if that's what you want, but if you want liberty you can have it. So if you want a fun project where you can use your creative, this is the one!


      You are the perfect candidate if you can do: - Isometric 2D furnitures (4sided) - Isometric Characters - Simple furnitures and characters animations - Flat design, or something that match our UI style - Be motivated as much as we are!


      You maintain the rights on our assets, a portion of the incomes when the game is released, and you will be credited in-game for your work.

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Isometric 2D Artist
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