iOS Stickers

by Lee Culver

    Looking for an artist to create Sticker Packets for iMessages on iOS devices.

    It's simple, we'll come up with a creative idea for an iMessage Sticker Pack. Then you the artist will create the art work, and after sending me files I'll convert it into the software that runs on the system. I'll submit it to the store for approval, and we'll see how it does.

    If you don't know what an iMessage Sticker Pack is click on the link below:


    My part

    I will be doing the technical work of converting the artwork into the software that will run in the iMessage App on iOS devices.

    (Expected) Revenue

    It will all depend on how well the Sticker Packet does, but we will split the profits. The profits being what remains after the 30% dues to Apple and what taxes I have to payout based off the Gross.

    Risks & challenges

    As long as we don't infringe on any copyrights or break one of the App Store's rules. The only major risk to you is any time you spend on the project or money you use to produce the project software, stylus, etc.
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      • 8-16 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Be able to produce any genre of artwork that will be suitable for a iOS Sticker Packet.


      Must be able to submit digital versions of software for project. Artwork if created digitally must only use legal software, or if the artwork is done using traditional methods painting, drawing, etc must be converted to a digital format.


      If you have any problems you can contact.

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