Bad Girl

by Jakob Holgersson

    A third person shooter intended to be an homage to 90's popular culture, including games, music and action movies.

    Bad Girl is a 90's inspired third person shooter.

    The basic gameplay setup is inspired by Die Hard Trilogy. As such, with a few exceptions, each of the twenty levels will be a new floor of the same building. However, camera angles and many gameplay aspects are of a much more modern standard.

    Particle effects will make the game reminiscent of light gun games and early Tekken iterations and levels will feature nods to different 90's action flicks.

    Music is intended to be a mix of what was popular in games at the time, movie soundtracks and music that was popular at the time. This means a fair bit of Eurodance.

    My part

    This game started out as a solo project. As such, I've done all of the art, programming and design.

    (Expected) Revenue

    Revenue estimates do as of yet not exist. If the game does come out for console, it could quite a lucrative project.

    Risks & challenges

    The main challenge for a small team like this is that the project stalls because one person proves unreliable.
      • 3D animator

      • 2-4 h.p.w
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      Function description

      To make the game reach the level of quality desired, a dedicated animator will be required. You will make in-game character animations for the protagonist, enemies and hostages. As the game's intended to have a 90's vibe over it, gun animations should preferably be stylish, like John Woo's movies from the period.


      Beyond just making the animations, it's expected that you'll test them in-engine and provide the values necessary to make transitions work well. Thus it's expected that you either have experience in Unity or are willing to learn Unity.


      I offer a fun and stimulating experience with a lot of creative freedom. Naturally, a percentage of earnings is up for discussion.
      • Illustrator

      • 1-2 h.p.w
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      Function description

      As the game's intended to have a 90's vibe, the game will have an intro consisting of illustrations with text, as many games for the NES/SNES. You will be the one who draws these illustrations. The art style of the game features realistic proportions, while textures are a bit cleaner than what could be considered realistic. There may be some concept work to be done as well, although that could be considered optional


      The ability to draw high end illustrations worthy of being in a commercial product.


      A fun and enjoyable experience, and a cool game to be part of.

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  • Starting: Feb 17, 2019
  • Expires in: 71 days
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Jakob Holgersson

Halmstad, Sweden
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3D animator
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status: available
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