Alien and Farmer

by ovidiu dragos

    Would be nice to meet people with similar passion for making games especial experimental ones.

    The game is intended to be a two player co_op from a isometric top down camera.I wanted to integrate perspective camera but the distortion to the edges is too much and it doesn't look good.

    In the game you play an alien and farmer and you try to gather as much cows from a map infested with enemies. Alien and Farmer

    There are actually two main game-play ideas: 1) Alien versus Farmer = where you compete with the other player in gathering cows.Similar with [Bomber-man](just a bit) 2)Alien and farmer =where you collaborate with the other and gather cows and fight off enemies.Similar to [Lovers in a dangerous space time]. Both scenarios have different game logic and rules.But best solution would be making a prototype and see if it is any fun to play!

    My part

    In this project I can be the artist/modeler and game-play designer But I will listen to peoples opinion (about game-play/design etc)if they have a good valid point of view I may even listen to them.

    I keep an open mind and come up with all sorts of ideas for this project.

    (Expected) Revenue

    This is more like a game jam so I don't expect money from it or to make money. If by some chance the game is super duper then we can make some money arrangements like rev share or money compensation. I like the sound of the 50%_50% deal.

    Risks & challenges

    The risk is that it might fail but I challenge you to think positive and BELIEVE we will make it!:))

    I might die.but I don't want to!another risk.
      • Unity or Godot programmer

      • 4-8 h.p.w
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      Function description

      You will be responsible for coding the game either in Unity or Godot.I am using Unity and I just tried Godot so I am not sure I can manage it but If you know it ok then it is no problem for me...I hope! :) Maybe know how to make a level editor in Unity so we make nice interesting levels.


      You should be a decent coder, probably a student so you have more free time at your disposal and a desire to try out all sorts of game-play scenarios. It will be nice if you are near my timezone 2+Greenwich meridian and be willing to also chat on discord. ...maybe know a bit of git(I myself struggle with it on account of my dyslexia).


      You will have a chance to make a cool game and if it hits the pirate treasures get your fair share.50%. and If we really connect make more games as part of the Penguin Pyramid team.
    pracalic 2 weeks ago
    Hello i can help with this project if you like.I'm unity hobbyist.
    dominikremes 2 weeks ago
    Hello. I'd like to ask if it is a 2D game or a 3D, because from some images it seems that it could be easily done as a 2D, but it looks like you have some 3D models

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  • Starting: Feb 27, 2019
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ovidiu dragos

Cluj-napoca, Romania
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Unity or Godot programmer
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