Circle of Pain

by David Mills


    Developing a unique 2.5D multiplayer battle royal experience based around gravity bending mechanics.

    This project is intended to be a multiplayer ( network/online ) version of a game I created in flash quite a few years back, also called "Circle of Pain". It is playable here:

    The concept remains the same but I wish to extend the new version with additional elements, like the multiplayer aspect. Picture the final product to be like the game in that link, only a 2.5D perspective using 3D models developed in Unity with additional features.

    The game will be developed in Unity, and I am looking to release it for PC on the Steam platform.

    My part

    As the lead developer, my role is essentially the true bulk of the project. I've already contributed the character models, essential animations and a handful of initial level assets.

    My job will be to continue to add in the remaining components, use the developed engine to create the levels, design the main menu along with other UI screen elements and basically package the whole thing together.

    Status: Currently I have fully developed idea of how I want the product to turn out, and have completed initial development of essentials that can be used in getting started with the programming process right away. I'm currently 1-man independent developer just looking for 1 other developer to program a game engine I can work with in designing the game. Feel free to check my previous work to get a feel for my ability here:

    (Expected) Revenue

    Given the current indie game climate, I can't honestly expect a serious profit from the game, but whatever the revenue generated the deal is to split it 50/50 down the middle between myself and the programming developer.

    The $100 fee to get the game onto Steam will be deducted from this revenue share as I will be the one who pays to get it put up. We could make a decent amount of money or next to nothing, it's really anyone's guess. But 50/50, that's the deal. I'm primarily looking for someone who is more into it as a project they are passionate to be a part of than a financial thing.

    Risks & challenges

    As a developer of over 50 projects, I know that even simple game concepts have a chance to never be fully completed or released. Often schedules have a way of getting derailed and life can cause a developer to put a project on hold. There is always a risk that even if completed, the game may fail to function correctly or just get ignored/buried under the sheer number of competing titles on today's market.

    As far as money goes, I'll be the one handling production cost, most of which have already been covered in my years of development, having previously acquired the assets and general skills required to establish myself as a competent independent game developer.

    The biggest risk in joining this project is a waste of time, either due to ( unlikely ) failure to complete task on my end or my call to cut any programming partner attached to the project to due failure to meet required deadlines.

    Please do not inquire unless you intend to fully commit to the project.
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      • 8-16 h.p.w
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      Function description

      I'm specifying "Game Engine Programmer" as I posses the required skills to develop the game's connective elements; game menus and minor bits like that. What I'm looking for is essentially someone who can develop the scripts and tools that can be passed to me, the designer, so I can develop the levels and content for the game itself. The overall requirements are: -Develop a physics engine that pulls the player character/enemy characters towards the planet-like platforms using gravity mechanics as seen in the examples. -Develop an artificial intelligence that allows the enemy characters to not only track the player and other enemies, but to move around the levels as the player does using the planet like gravity mechanics ( jumping between planets ). -Develop the ability to augment the planet like platforms with trap objects serving different functions. -Develop Planet like platforms with ability to rotate, translate, and follow paths carrying the player and npcs -Develop/maintain online functionality that allows for multiplayer online functions.


      -Must have a strong dedication to the project -Must be in agreement to the 50/50 revenue share -Must have the technical ability to pull off the job -Experience in Unity a must ( level of experience negotiable ) -Daily update/communication preferred. - Prior game experience/examples preferred but not required.


      My offer is 50% of sales revenue generated from the game after it is placed on the Steam market. ( minus the $100 fee required to place it on the Steam Market which I will be covering out of pocket ). If this works out, possible partnership on future projects.
    Pablo Fonovich 3 months ago
    Do you really need a full game engine programmed? why don't you use some game engine like godot?
    Haeder 2 months ago
    Do you need a full game engine programming? Or Unity programmer?

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