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    The idea is a social network or platform that connects mainly musicians, discover new talents or music lovers.

    What can be done?
    • Share music (Photos, videos, Audio)
    • Share songs, with players to choose.
    • Custom players -Section to sell / exchange instruments, for example.
    • Section for collaborations or sharing ideas.
    • Pages for stamps, companies where you can share your playlist.
    • Links to buy / download songs
    • Users can create ad campaigns
    • Categories according to types of music And other more things!
    • Allow payment with bitcoin
    What differentiates us from the rest? 
    • First, there are few networks for musicians. And secondly, you can talk about millions of people, lovers, hobbies or professionals. So a project that can be very interesting, right?

    Target audiences. 

    • The target audience to use the web or app we can talk about 17-undefined.

    This platform would be launched in Web and app format.

    Why do I want to create a team?
    I have decided to create a team because I believe that great ideas are contributed as many more people are in the project, better things will come out!
    On the other hand, I do not have so much knowledge to make such a big project alone.

    Thank you for taking the time to read our project

    Edit:We are currently 5 people in the team. We are only looking for professional people who want to work!

    I'm Dhren,

    A  greeting.


    My part

    For my part,I created the main website.
    I have hired web hosting.
    I will also responsible for the design of the page and app.
    (Color, logo,icons,designs....)

    (Expected) Revenue

    How to obtain profitability?
    -Small commissions for transactions in the sale of songs.
    -Campaigns of user ads. (Optional)
    -Buy subscription to expand storage, for example, record labels.

    At this moment we can not give any sure figure, but if we get a good job, we will get very good profits!

    Risks & challenges

    We do not know risks just challenges !.
    As challenges, we want to achieve a dynamic platform and full of new options that surprise consumers.
    We believe that it is a great opportunity to create something great and that many people will love it.
      • Developer

      • 2-4 h.p.w
      David Rossignol
      4 months ago
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      Function description

      The function is to design new options on the page and know how to correct or modify errors. It is also necessary to know how to modify a website


      You have to know PHP, Html and java (Last very basic knowledge)


      I offer a percentage in equal shares when there are profits
      • App Programmer

      • 1-2 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Creator of the Android app


      Knowledge of Android Studio


      Share the percentage equally when there are profits
      • Graphic Designer

      • 1-2 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Design of icons and brand


      Control illustrator and photoshop at an intermediate-professional or professional level


      Share the percentage equally when there are profits
    Vong Ra 5 months ago
    I like your idea The problem is that there already to much business on the market. I would recommend to focus on creating a platform which focus on a crypto currency like bitcoin cash.
    Rodrigo 5 months ago
    if there are companies but for and for musicians there is not. It is musicaly or soundcloud but it has nothing to do with what we want to create. That will be for the next project
    Pablo Fonovich 5 months ago
    Hi, Is it a must to work in AndroidStudio for the App? Could Qt be used instead?
    Rodrigo 5 months ago
    if you could work with other software (although it is preferable android studio) while you can see the social network well and have a clean style.First would launch in Google playstore
    Daniel Munch 5 months ago
    What about an application for Windows and Mac? Are you looking for that as well?
    Julian Pasquella 5 months ago
    It’s time to reinvent SoundCloud.
    Julian Pasquella 5 months ago
    Is there any concern in an app for iOS? I know a bit of Swift and have a dev license account.

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