Vuforia CSharp Unity Table Top AR app

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    We successfully launched an Augmented Reality App and now search for a team member to help us expand the functionality.

    I have a list of functionality, that i will struggle to produce. Being low level when it comes to scripting.

    The App is primarily built in Unity. it uses Vuforia to facilitate the AR. We need the app to be able to switch between AR and AVR (Cardboard).

    We also intend to monetize the app and this might be complicated.

    You can see our project marketing here:

    My part

    I've headed up the development so far. i have beginner understanding of C~ and am a high level 3D artist and marketer. the app has been funded and launched on iOS and Android through Kick-starter.

    The current team has three members, but I am primarily foccussed on the app itself, with other members doing other tasks revolving around marketing.

    (Expected) Revenue

    We can pay a small lump sum on completion of the work. Depending on what is achieved, we will discuss what we can reimburse.

    However we're very agile and are in the market for a team member if the person is a good fit. In which case a reasonable share of future profit.

    Risks & challenges

    If you can do the work and know what you're doing we're going to be the best of friends.
      • CSharp Unity Vuforia Dev

      • 4-8 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Help us develop a range of functionalities into a pre existing AR game. Unity/ Vuforia/ C# project.


      C# Expert. - The only actual requirement. Vuforia - Experience preferred - not required. Unity - Experience preferred - not required. Android/ iOS apps - Experience preferred - not required.


      A lump on delivery of certain projects. If we work well, an ongoing payout from this project and future work with the team.

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