Krios Action Strategy Rpg

by Robert Davis

    I have working on a project for about a year now and final have the time to complete it.


    The project is set to be a Grid Combat Rpg 

    Engine? - Unity

    SinglePlayer , Multiplayer? -SinglePlayer game. 

    Graphics - Pixel art, it will be the fastest and easiest to do given the small amount of Team members i am looking for.

    Has any work been done for this project yet? - i have created a system for loading maps and spawning characters as well as entering combat and taking damage.



       The main quest is simple the player has to find x amount of items and each is guarded by a boss(x = amount of bosses we can make in time). bosses can be fought in any-order.

    Side Quest:

    Side Quest are micro stories that take place in areas leading up to and surrounding the main boss. They have a internal time table and can be triggered by a player entering a area or when x amount of in-game time has past. Triggered quests will play-out regardless whether the player is there or not. This is to  bring life and urgency to quest and the world. completing side quest can unlock shortcuts, certain methods of fast-travel and items.


    Dungeons will be a series of puzzle rooms that require the player to enter combat mode to move objects and items around with separate members of their party sometimes in different rooms or levels. all the while fighting mobs that they encounter.


    Unique Aspects? - 

    Combat - 

    To Start combat the player will hold a button on their keyboard to fill a ring around them anything caught in that ring will enter combat with the player and vise versa 

    Krios Action Strategy Rpg

    Combat will be realtime. Every unit has a resource bar that slowly fills allowing for actions like attacking and moving. attacks will be mapped to the Q,W,E,R making each player unit have at most 4 attacks they can perform with varying costs.

    ex, unit gains 1pt per second and Q costs 5pt so after 5 seconds unit can cast Q


    All attacks will highlight an area to represent where it will hit. the more squares that are lit up the more damage any unit in the tile will take.

    Krios Action Strategy Rpg

    Player Character - Instead of the player character being a normal rpg unit (wizard, knight, archer, etc...), they instead will play as what other game would consider to be a boss monster with all things that come with it(Massive health- bar, big telegraphed attacks, etc...).

    Game Progression - i want all bosses to be except the final one to be approached in any-order with there own region or themed area

    Check Points - the Check points will be a game mechanic where the player can place them at the cost of a resource. this allows the player to return to that point at anytime or upon death with all Exp and Items gained kept but re-spawning enemy and boss monsters (ether in that area or globally will be decided later to limit frustration)  **also turns back the clock on side quests letting the player go back and change the outcome.


    Because we have no budget for advertising i will create an app that is a slice of the game. Using the same assets and a dumbed down version of combat awe will release it on android and ios for free with advertisements for the main game.

    If the app for one reason or another becomes popular we can look at monetization.

    My part

    My responsibilities are as follows:

    Ai, Ui, Gameplay and Developer tools.

    Lore, Story, Character descriptions, Item descriptions, etc

    On discord Channel (
    Monday - 9am to 5pm E.S.T
    Tuesday - 9am to 5pm E.S.T

    Join during times to ask any further questions.

    (Expected) Revenue

    The plan is to release on steam and each team member based on what % of the game they completed they will receive that % of any profits made.

    Risks & challenges

    Depending on how long it takes to get a group together and how long it takes each team member to complete our parts the completion date could be pushed back or we could release and it could not sell at all.

    I am committed to seeing this through regardless of the outcome.
      • 2D character Designer

      • 8-16 h.p.w
      Brandon Rose
      2 weeks ago
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      Function description

      Create 2D sprties and animations for Character, Enemys, Bosses, Npc's, Items, weapons and particle effects


      None - just ambition and the will to do it


      15-20% profit share
      • 2D World Map Designer

      • 8-16 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Create the maps that the game will take place in. ex, Dungeons, villages, forests, fields, etc. Edit: The World Map Designer Would be responsible for taking general descriptions of a location Ex. Old Burned Down Village that has been retaken by nature, etc. then creating their own idea for it.


      None - just ambition and the will to do it


      15 - 20% profit share
      • Sound Designer

      • 2-4 h.p.w
      Jae Harden
      2 weeks ago
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      Function description

      Create 5 - 15 sound tracks to play in menus, dungeons, bossfights, etc


      None - just ambition and the will to do it


      5 - 10% of profit share AND/OR one time payment for services rendered.
    pracalic 2 weeks ago
    World map designer should only create concept of map or he should create final version by self?
    Robert Davis 2 weeks ago
    [This comment is removed by the project owner]
    Richardt Joergensen 2 weeks ago
    hey, i would be interested. Im not the best at pixel art yet, but i am very interested at becoming better.
    Robert Davis 2 weeks ago
    i am not too worried about level of skill. what position would you be interested in?

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