by Timothy Harris


    Creating a digital board game based on Capture the Flag.

    A four-player board game where the objective is to attack the enemy flag while defending your own. Players will each start the center, each flag will be placed in its respective corner. If a player can make it to an enemy flag, and the enemy isn’t present, the player can take the flag and deposit it in the center of the board to eliminate that enemy. When one player remains, they are the victor.

    My part

    I am a 3D generalist by teaching, and an entrepreneur by passion. I created the concept for the game during college, and it turned out to be pretty fun in practice. Currently I'm filling all needed art roles.

    (Expected) Revenue

    All work up to release is volunteer. There are currently plans for a crowdfunding campaign and submission for Unreal's Developer Grant. If either of those work out, compensation will be calculated and distributed soon after, otherwise financial compensation will take place after release. Prior to the games release for sale, royalty percentages will be discussed and finalized.

    Risks & challenges

    The two biggest risks I foresee with this project is time and success. Time due to only having one artist on the project currently. I mention success because ultimately if the game doesn't perform well on the market, it would result in lower compensation for the team members.
      • 2D Artist

      • 2-4 h.p.w
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      Function description

      You will be assisting the 3D artist in asset creation for the game, more specifically 2D textures for various models. You will also be responsible for the developing concept/promotional artwork for the project. Concept Artwork Texture Creation


      Knowledge of Light Theory Knowledge of Color Compensation Thorough Understanding of Perspective


      Future Offers on additional Game Development Projects, a percentage of the profits earned from the sales of this project, and a copy of the finished product.

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