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by Pat Gamble


    Run the shop during the day, fight the raiders off at night, and make sure your customers, "Buy This Game!"

    Imagine opening a game store in lawless America, where everyone owns a gun and can use it without repercussions!

    This is what this project is about! Our crazy old inventor is living out his childhood dream of opening a game store with his self made turret, Turdy. Yeah, he named it Turdy, when he was a kid, whatcha gonna do?

    Manage your store during the day, fight off the raiders at night! Earn enough money selling games to keep up with upgrades for Turdy and gather enough scrap as well!

    This is gonna be a bang up time ya’ll, come join the team!

    My part

    I'm the project manager, recruiter and marketer. I'm here to try and make this run smooth, keep work flowing, and make sure you have your vanilla half cafe latte' stat!

    I really do respect people's talents and opinions, and I do my best not to talk out of my butt. If I don't know, I'll let you know. If I'm unsure, I'll let you know. And I'm always up for new innovative ideas.

    (Expected) Revenue

    I'd love to push an early access version onto steam ASAP. If we could get some hard workers (have a programmer banging out work, 3D character artist and texture artist) then doing that in 3 months wouldn't be a problem at all.

    I have everything we need (I think) planned out to do just this, and see a revenue stream start as fast as we're willing to work.

    Risks & challenges

    The biggest risk of all indie game makers, not actually getting the thing done! Blah!

    Oh, and that's the biggest challenge. Doing this as a hobby and hoping for pay is just plain hard, and I get that.

    But I really believe in this concept, that it is innovative, new to the scene, and could pick up hype real quick in early access.
      • UI Artist

      • 8-16 h.p.w
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      Function description

      We need menus people! We need a pretty inventory screen folks! Please help us make our game look pretty...I've tried and it's just scary. We'd like to go for what we're calling 70's grunge? I think I just made that up. Think about your old cartrige games, now image you found it in the dumpster and the labels a bit messed up. That's the idea. Also keep in mind images of late 70's early 80's advertising. The feel good era's and beginning of real gaming!


      - Able to create pleasing and functional UI art. - Good communication skills (This doesn't mean good English, just know how to communicate with your team) - Know how to have fun...This is vital to game I right?


      My love and support! Also a percentage of the profits. I'm not putting a number on it yet, because it will be based of of productivity of all members. Slackers don't get payed! heh

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