Bug ology

by Micah Holmes

    We are seeking a skilled Unity developer interested in building up a brand together and creating some amazing games.

    Project: Bug-ology By: Micah Holmes Date: 8/8/2018

    Overview: This is a semi realistic educational hide & find game. Players will need to “lift” objects to find insects and collect them. Any insect found will be added to the players “bug book”. The bug book will display interesting facts about the selected bug offering a fun and educational experience. Player will also get “bug badges” every time they find all the bugs for that bug type. Players will earn points they can use to unlock (purchase) new areas. Game Play: Explore the exciting world of bugs and discover their secrets. Test your observation skills and try to find all the bug types. They can be found under rocks, in water, up high in the sky and every in between. Earn your Bug badge and unlock new bug types. Once you have discovered a bug, you can learn more about it by opening your bug book. Bugs Areas will be “bug” based. Because bugs live in different environments, players will need to look in different areas for certain types of bugs. For example the “black garden ant” or common ant can be found in “The back yard” area under rocks. The lift a rock, click on it and it will lift up. Once you click on an insect, if it’s on your “bug list”; it will be added to your collection and be removed from that area. Below is a list of Bugs by type and where they can be found:

    -Disclosed in Project Document -Join Team to see full document

    My part

    I have developing and making games for the past 15 years. My part is to organize, plan, build the web site, build the database build the API and assist in game development. My partner is a skilled artist with a bach degree in art and looking to build up her portfolio and help build a new brand together. Together we are looking for a skilled unity developer looking to gain new skills and join a winning team.

    (Expected) Revenue

    Rev Share

    Risks & challenges

    As the team lead, I hold most of the risk and fiscal expense. I have saved a moderate amount of money to cover our costs and ensure our success. Some of the biggest challenges we will face will be getting Unity to interact properly with the API, testing user accounts and testing in app purchase system. Dedication is key to completing this project and profiting. I have worked with a lot of developers and artist through the years and have several friends working professional in the industry. IF you stick it out with us, I can help you build a solid portfolio and help you move on to your next career goal. We do not promise fortune or fame but we can provide you with a great postilion, friendly working environment, relaxed work pace and lots of fun & creative ideas/projects.
      • Developer

      • 4-8 h.p.w
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      Function description

      We are seeking a moderately skilled Unity developer looking to build up their professional portfolio. We are typically a “weekend warrior” team hosting meetings and workshops on the weekends and work on projects in our spare time through the week. We do 80% communication through group email chat and 20% through skype. All projects are documented and well planned before beginning. We also welcome any ideas and welcome building your creations .


      Required - Programming & Framework Skills C# Unity Mono Required - Personal Skills Good Communication Laid Back Organized Mature Required - Tools Visual Studio 2015 or higher Nice to Have Skills .Net ASP Javascript / JQuery SQL C++ Xamarin Java


      Equal Share From Profits
      • 2d Artist

      • 4-8 h.p.w
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      Function description

      We are looking for an additional artist to help assist our lead artist. Artist must be skilled in animation, environment art and assets. Please provide a portfolio when interviewing for the position. Art must be from the past 9 months and must be 100% original (no fan art).


      Requirements Knowledge of Animation Knowledge of Environments Knowledge of Asset Building Required Tools Photoshop or equivalent Required Personal Skills Upbeat Professional Friendly Dedicated Nice to Have Small Business Experience Previous Project Experience Previous Experience Working With Team


      We offer a equal share of revenue
    Bryan Ison 2 weeks ago
    Hello, are you still considering partnerships/collaborations? We may both be looking for the same thing. I have reached out to you on LinkedIn.

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