Beyond Earth Online

by Andres Gomez

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    Let's make a sandbox MMORPG in Space! Player driven economy, crafting, building, territory wars & exploration.

    I have wanted to make my own game since I was playing D&D when I was a kid. Everquest was the holy grail but I had to settle for Diablo 2 for most of the time. After wow came out, I had the economy to delve myself into the MMO WORLD. Ultima Online, Phantasy Star online, even EverQuest was pale in comparison to the majestic environment wow delivered. But then the era or Free to play came along sending us back to an MMO dark age where even wow lost it's charm to the swarm of casual players who only wanted to feel OP without any work at all. 

    Years passed and no MMO could win my heart until Albion Online came out in 2017. I then saw that there still was a community of hungry players that still want to feel the rush of being on the edge with a community of players fighting alongside for a common cause. Even though games le Eve online has a strong community the game is far to complex to be able to enjoy and others are way too casual to have any depth. 

    With this said I want to create a merge between the exploration and discovery No Mans Sky offers with the community-driven warfare world Albion delivers. 

    The game will be set in 2100 50 years after the first contact with an alien race that came to recruit us to fight against rogue factions coming to take over our galaxy. They've shared interstellar technology which allowed humans and other pre-warp civilizations to develop rapidly to prepare for the invasion. But many races had their own agendas thus creating factions and civil wars competing for territories making our galaxy entirely hostiles. 


    The created characters will start on their home planet as a citizen. the character will then choose a path by completing a series of chose quests to guide them through this path they chose. This will be the tutorial stage where you will learn the basics and the guidelines to play the game. Then the character will be able to acquire the first spaceship to go into the open galaxy to follow their path. 

    Skills will be determined by the items equipped but passives will be determined by journals that let you create and train a set of passives to aid your build. If you chose to change your role, a new journal could be used to aid that different role. Journals are intended to give freedom that classless RPGs provide while nerfing the almighty equipment of wealthier players. 

    All items shall be crafted by players and sold in a global market, this means each planet has their own market although there will be a galactic market where all can trade at a higher cost. 

    Planets will have resources and some will have unique resources only native to their globe. Each planet will have continents that can be conquered, by anyone as well as safe heavens so fortified only, god himself can take it over. They could try, who knows... 

    Factions and guilds can be created and territories can be Claimed/Sold/Conquered giving bonuses and resources to its members. As well as lost due to stellar phenomena if not fortified correctly. 

    Moons and asteroids can be claimed by players to set their base and farm resources, house themselves, hire workers/mercs, craft and breed creatures. Space stations will also be craftable for guilds and factions to use for their members

    Many other ideas are in place which we can shape together. 


    My part

    Regarding the game, I will be working on the Lore and overall design of the environment. I will work on concept designs, character creation, storylines, scripts, and quests. I will help in music creation, game development, and 3D modeling.

    I will also manage the marketing aspect from web design/development to the advertisement and content creation.

    (Expected) Revenue

    The game will be free to play with premium memberships with bonuses for those dedicated players that really want to delve into the game and be part of shaping it. (See Albion Online for reference) We will sell on Steam and Our own platform and players will be able to recruit friends for very expensive in-game items and/or currency.

    I want to share this with my team so I offer equal % of the game net revenue as well as executive positions if this takes off into a full-fledged game dev company.

    Risks & challenges

    I expect people to have jobs and a life, I understand time will be a challenge. But with planning and focus, I believe we can make this work in a timely manner.

    Getting the right team together that has the knowledge or is willing to learn what needs to be for the game mechanics to work will surely prove challenging.

    WE WILL NOT EARN MONEY UNTIL GAME IS PUBLISHED. This is a CHALLENGE for me as well. But again I know it will be worth it when we host the first championships and reach our first million subscribers.
    Luckily creating a game doesn't need capital, only knowledge and time well spent.
      • Game Developer

      • 8-16 h.p.w
      3 months ago
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      Function description

      You will be responsible for creating the game mechanics. Simply put the backend. You will create the bridge between all the elements provided to you by the team.


      You must know how to code C# and any other language used in game development. You have to know your way around Unreal Engine. Aside from the knowledge, you need the right attitude. This won't be easy, but it can be very fun and rewarding. Please have patience and a good attitude and this will be the best thing that happened to all of us.


      I offer equal % of net revenue to everyone. We will have to invest in the business which will be taken of the gross before all of us earn our cut.
      • 3D Artist

      • 4-8 h.p.w
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      Function description

      You will be in charge of making the concept arts come to life. You know how to Model Characters, Objects, Scenery, Terrains, Backgrounds, Etc.


      You must know how to model either in Maya, Blender, 3D Max, etc. Graphics will be LOW POLY (See Albion Online for reference) so any of those should work fine.


      I offer equal % of net revenue to everyone. We will have to invest in the business which will be taken of the gross before all of us earn our cut.
    Bryan Ison 4 months ago
    It's a solid idea and I have thought about the same often, but as a developer, as an indie developer and an IT professional, that MMO part is a massive undertaking friend and would really need a framework to keep devs and cost at a minimum, otherwise, it will be near impossible to complete (my opinion of course). If there was a way to twist it into a more co-op style play or even single player to start - it would be more appealing to many devs, including myself. I wish you luck though, I'd like to see it take off.
    Andres Gomez 4 months ago
    I appreciate your input. We know it's a big project to see through and we are aware of the hardships that are along the way. I often dream bigger than most and I'm happy to say I come through 90% of the time. My team has the desire to see this through and are putting up the work, we, of course, would love more help to speed things up but so far it's going rather nicely. Instead of fear of failure, we are full of vision and direction, and as an IT industry worker, I know this lacks among the devs. I'm lucky to have found one that has the drive and doesn't need to see the end to start running. I don't want to make this appealing or easy for devs, I want the right people that will take the leap of faith and put the work before their fears to harvest the fruits of a glorious battle!
    Andres Gomez 4 months ago
    We will prevail Bryan Ison, and if you were a warrior you would not shed doubt upon our mission but lay aid and words of encouragement to soften the road ahead of us. Should you accept the challenge to accomplish what hundreds have failed because of their fear, you may join us for some coffee and briefing. CHEERS!
    Bryan Ison 4 months ago
    Andres, I like your style and desire, long time since I seen someone with it in that respect. If you're interested, in talking, I think I'd like to discuss, especially if you will consider Unity as the platform lol. I tried the discord link but it was an instant invite. Its a massive undertaking but what the hell right - YOLO! lol
    Andres Gomez 4 months ago
    Hello Bryan, try this one we can discuss anything you have in mind. Cheers!

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