Teacher Student Video Feedback Website

by Richard Perry


    Website for teachers to leave video feedback for students and for students to view their feedback (prototype built).

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    Full Project Description

    Follow this link for the full project description


    Example Feedback

    Follow this link to see an example of some feedback which I gave to one of my students. This demonstrates how much feedback you can give in 1min 20seconds, (it could easily be delivered in less time too). This sort of feedback could not be given using written comments.


    Site Demo

    Follow this link for a site demo, there has been development since this clip was made but it gives a basic idea of how the site works.



    As you will see from the project description security is a particular concern. Strangely there is no published digital security standard for schools. There are however a set of standards to meet for a site to be accredited by the NHS. Since both the NHS and schools deal with vulnerable people it would be reasonable to adopt this as a security standard. The link below will take you to 'digital assessment questions' for the NHS. This is the standard that the NHS expect in order for them to accredit an online service. Some parts are not relevant, but I would like ensure that we have answers to all of the parts related to site/app security.









    My part

    I have been a Teacher of Mathematics for the last 21 years and a senior leader in UK secondary schools for the last 10 years. I have an excellent understanding of schools, teachers and education but I don't have web-development skills to make my project a reality. I have used freelance web-developers to create a prototype website for the project described below. To date I have personally invested over £5000 in this development.

    I want to move away from freelance developers and find a partner who really shares my vision for the project. I have had good experiences with freelancers but I want to find someone who wants to invest their time and energy in the project because they believe in it and it's power to improve outcomes for students and the lives of educators.

    I would want utilise my partner's skills and knowledge in any area in which they could contribute I see my role as project manager and marketing my partner would be working on the development and maintenance of the site. I have lots of development ideas beyond the basic prototype but the road-map for development would be a joint piece of work.

    (Expected) Revenue

    This development has been designed as a lean startup. This allows individual early adopters to start using the service in order to finance further development which would allow institutions to use the site. The site will be monetised as a subscription service similar to a mobile phone contract in that subscribers would pay a fixed amount for a number of minutes recording.

    Following the launch the next phase of development would be to allow a whole school to subscribe based on the number of teachers at the school and allowing a number of minutes recording per staff member.

    I could try to provide projected profits at this stage but this would be purely speculative. As a teacher myself what I do know is that this has the potential to be a game changer for education in the UK and internationally.

    For future development, beyond the world of formal education, spin-off sites (Feedback-revolution/coaching or Feedback-revolution/training), have potential to support anyone in a coaching role. One these spin-off sites advertising could be used as a source of revenue

    Risks & challenges

    Risks are low as I am not looking for a partner to invest money in the project I am looking for a partner to invest time in the project. I would expect that the site would quickly become self-financing in terms of paying for video storage, hosting fees etc...

    If I didn't believe that this project had the potential to be very successful I wouldn't be pursuing it. As such I would want to draw up a partnership agreement between myself and my partner so that we both know where we stand and we have agreement on what stake each of us has in the company and how we will do things like recruit additional partners or staff when necessary.
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      Function description

      My partner would be responsible for finishing a prototype website and ensuring that it is secure, fix any issues as they emerge. Following launch maintenance would be needed as required and building additional features to develop the site further would also be required. A security audit would also need to be designed and run at appropriate intervals.


      I am looking for a partner who after reading the the full project description can see the potential for the site to succeed and who is inspired enough by the project to want to be a part of it for the long term. I am looking for a good communicator who is easy to get along with. I have little understanding of the technical side of web development and coding so I will need you to be able to explain things to me in layman's terms and not get too frustrated with me when I inevitably get the terminology wrong, I am very keen to learn more! The site has been written using CodeIgniter so the ability to use CodeIgnitor is essential. I would require a potential partner to sign a non-disclosure agreement before discussing site functionality and additional features further. I would also want us to draw up a partnership agreement so that we both know where we stand.


      I offer an increasing stake in the company as we reach milestones. For example completion of the prototype site including fast upload of videos and ensuring that the site meets the security standards outlined in the 'Full Project Description' would be worth a 10% stake in the company. Further developments would would gain an further stake in the company up to a maximum of 30%

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