Gharesa Template Builder

by zaid alzyoud


    Hey guys , How you doing ? Gharesa Builder aka GH is a static websites builder build from developer to developers

    Gharesa Builder AKA GH is a web application for developers and designers to help them within there mission its contain many features that help developers to start from a start template and end up with there real website coded and ready to work but it's main job is to help the non tech guy to build his own landing page,product page , modify his template as he wish without the need for a developer or any tech experience , you are starting telling me that yeah there is WIX , WEEBLY ,GoDady ....etc .. Well you are right ! but spending 2 years studying those apps is the best way to know what is the missing point within each one of them there are many missing point playing around there but lets take the biggest one to the biggest screen - THEY ARE NOT BUILT FOR EDITING , What the hell is that mean ? that mean that they weren't built for editing a template from Theme forest ffor example ( you can't take a free template from theme forest and edit it in WIX or do what ever with it and then export the result as a real hand coded website ) well thats our main points which is almost done BTW 2- The pros : * Our app is yet simple for anyone and for any use with its powerfully edit panel * You can code your own website and use the live reload feature within the website * You can export your result in A zip file and use it anywhere * 2018 modern technology and designing trends are used on *more than 200+ pre made template *open for developer to submit there features * Emails designing , newsletter , templates templates within the app *more than 30+ pre made concept and the best features will be revealed for the team

    My part

    The application is almost ready but need some modifications so i have done so far all the coding for the front end and the functionuality of the application I have used JavaScript just

    (Expected) Revenue

    It's depend on the Beta release there is no expected from any kind this the web baby but therefore the plan is to start within the Free version and end up with a paid plans

    Risks & challenges

    The Risk will be in the later stage which is it the paid plans
    We will have to add more features and Make the big jump which it is the Marketing but don't worry we will discuss this later
      • Back End developer

      • 2-4 h.p.w
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      Function description

      This guy will be responsible for all the stuff that will be going on behind the scene he will be the responsible for 1- The database developing 2- will be responsible for the application CMS coding (later stage) 3- build the system for the application website like login,sign up ,,etc) 4- configure the payments methods for the paid plans (later stage ) | and some other stuff will be discussed later


      1-NodeJs is a huge mega plus 2- PHP Do fine if you can deal with the NodeJs in the application because its build in NodeJs -Cool


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      • Front End Developer

      • 2-4 h.p.w
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      Function description

      This one is will be responsabile forr maintaining the front end structure with me and help within the progress developement from the mobile view to the screens show so his role is get the best creative designs for the paltform and help me design and code templates for the platform showcase


      1- HTML,CSS IS a must :3 2- knows some stuff about Back End 3- MEAN stack is a huge mega plus -funny


      Partner, Friend Ship , teams up ,

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