by Ali Morgan


    A kick-ass 2D action platformer about a girl and a boy stuck in limbo. Roadblock is just a code-name.

    Hi there!

    • Who? (skip if you don't care)

    My name is sorry and I'm Ali for the below wall of text. Wait..I mean my name is Ali and...uhhh, never mind, anyways...I'm an indie game developer/designer and I'm looking for a 2D character animator to be my partner for my new game (would be a plus if you can design 2D characters and art too).

    Tip: Extra points if you like Pizza/Pasta/cats/Crossfit/working out/jogging

    I started playing games when I was 3. I started making games when I was 15 (6-7 years ago). During that time I made a handful of games, but only released "BlackNYellow" and "Slippy Thief" as a learning experience, and now the time has come to make my first big game. I'm experienced with most game making tools (Game Maker, Construct 2, Stencyl, Game Salad, Unity). I'm also a logo designer since 2012 on Freelancer and 99designs.

    • What?

    Roadblock is a fast-paced 2D Hack N'Slash about a girl and a boy stuck in limbo. The game features lots of weapons (melee and ranged), cool slow-mo effects, and sick animations and visuals. 'Roadblock' is just a code-name we'll be using for now until later on. I have plenty of other (better) names that me and you will discuss together.

    • Team members?

    Just me and you (the animator). We will hire some freelancers along the way (music and other stuff).

    • How serious?

    Well, for starters I quit my job for this game and I'm genuinely giving it my 150%, matter of fact I'm actually learning After Effects in the meantime in case I ended up not finding a partner then I'll create the animations myself too.

    • Free to play?

    No. Of course the development will be fun and we'll both learn a lot, but I'm not just "doing it for fun" or to "improve my skills and gain experience bla bla", I'm spending time and effort on this so it will definitely not be for free. As for the price, we'll set that later based on a lot of variables (Kickstarter, final product...etc)

    • Why the simple art?

    Recognizable, memorable, and will look fab on T-shirts and merch.

    • Platforms

    When it comes to launching, I'm aiming for PC first (Steam) then PS and XBOX (possibly Switch too). I'll be contacting Double Fine, Finji, or Devolver to publish the game (still considering that). I might end up publishing it myself based on the demos reception and the Kickstarter campaign.

    • Deadline

    I'm planning to hit Kickstarter and Steam with a prototype before mid 2019, but let's be realistic here for a second, how am I gonna set any deadlines before knowing the capabilities of my animator partner? I don't even know who my partner's gonna be yet! So show me what you're capable of and I'll sure give you a plan and a deadline.

    • Future plans

    I'm trying to create a franchise and a fan base. There will be events and giveaways. We'll be giving players t-shirts and merch, 3D-models of the characters, plushies, stickers. There's also gonna be upcoming games based on this one.

    • Interested or want more?

    Message me here or mail xalimorganx@gmail

    My part

    - Planning
    - Level design
    - Programming + Coding (my ultimate niche)
    - Art (I'm decent at it, but not professional)

    • Tools I use

    - Unity C# (programming and development)
    - Adobe Illustrator (art and design)
    - A notepad and a white board (hardcore planning)
    - Pasta and pizza (for survival purposes)

    (Expected) Revenue

    I hope we hit the $100k mark, but again, let's be realistic, of course I won't be able to estimate that. We'll split the profit though so all we need to do is stay focused and stick to the plan.

    Risks & challenges

    There's only 3 major challenges that we can be faced with:-

    Challenge #1: Distractions/feeling lost
    I'm great at planning and prioritizing so this won't be an issue for me, but are you? we gon' find out...

    Challenge #2: Saying motivated
    I have plans for that as well. I will keep us reminded that our goal is to make a great game that everyone will enjoy playing and makes us profit.

    I don't know about you (yet), but I know for a fact that I won't give up or get distracted from this project (I quit my job for it, remember?).

    Challenge #3: The world running out of Pasta and Pizza
    Oh, God, if that happened...
      • 2D Animator

      • 16-32 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Your main function will be animating characters and environments. It'd be awesome if you can design 2D art too.


      Someone who's good+ at 2D Animation, doesn't matter what tool you're gonna use as long as you can create sick animations. Unity, Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop knowledge = bonus If you can do art + animation = I frickin' love you


      • A fat slice of the profit. • If the game succeeds, we'll start an indie studio together and work on future parts of the series. • An awesome experience.

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