Abduct Me

by Ali Al Hamwi


    Abduct Me is a psychedelic arcade game that has been published on google play and we are seeking publishers!

    We are running a startup called Clairvoyant Games were we are aiming to spread a new type of genre called Psychedelic Games on mobile platforms. Our first project is Abduct Me as it is an alien UFO invasion with a time attack mechanic to push the player to destroy more buildings and abduct as many people in order to buy more upgrades with the humans that has been abducted.

    My part

    The development team is already available for Abduct Me as we are currently looking for any publisher to help us expose the game on a large variety of people as the game has been getting a 5 stars reviews for the past month since it was published on Google Play. We have integrated Unity Ads with a unique monetization plan.

    (Expected) Revenue

    We are expecting a daily revenue of 250$ for the next 2 months as the game has a great potential of being a trend .

    Risks & challenges

    Risks would be if we found an investor that would pay for Google Ad words campaigns and Instagram without researching properly on the usage of such campaigns but as far as we have been researching Abduct Me could be potentially a trend due that in Google Trends: https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=alien game

    it has been a common searched term that people are seeking alien games around the world with a percentage that exceeds 70% !
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      Function description

      A game publisher that can support with advertisements campaigns as well as connecting our startup with various connections in the industry such as influencers that can spread the word and help come up with a trend for each good review game that Clairvoyant Games develops.


      We are seeking a publisher that can help us with Abduct Me as well as future projects with a revenue percentage of 15% of each project.


      15% of the total revenue of each project that is worked on

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