Idle Shop

by Willy


    Idle game about people, city and shop! Build, upgrade and collect all the money!!!

    This game is almost same as other Idle game out there, like Idle Miner, Cash Inc etc. Why we choose this type of game? We already do some research on high revenue games and this type is on the top ten.

    Idle Shop is a casual idle game, where player will be an owner of shop chain. There will be many shop, you start with wrecked shop and need to upgrade it. Money will raise more and more as you upgrade them. You need to hire manager on shop to auto collect money. There is another feature we want to add, player can have their house, car, even rocket!

    That's all, We need people with high motivation and we will work together and share revenue equally! We hope to get it done in less than 6 months.

    My part

    Our team consist 2 people, I will be a lead programmer and game idea. My friend will help me with programming structure and game design. I have experience on creating play store app before, so this project will be finish as long as we got a passionate partner.

    (Expected) Revenue

    We'll equally share incomes from ads/in-app purchase on mobile platform between team components.

    Risks & challenges

    As long as we work together and believe in this game, all will be good.
      • 2D Artist

      • 8-16 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Create game assets and HUD


      Passion on design, can use Adobe Illustrator or any other graphic software to produce Vector type graphic like in the sample image.


      Equal revenue on every member team.

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