by Alex Rabin


    I need a team to help me with ideas and marketing.

    QuickVault is a fast and secure photo vault. QuickVault is an app for iOS and Android. With QuickVault you can store all your private photos and videos from prying eyes. Any data that is saved into the app does not leave your phone. It does not get sent to any 3rd parties or to any servers.

    Features: •Free to use •Store unlimited photos and videos •Intruder detection •Face-ID and Touch-ID support •Lock individual albums



    My part

    I have created the iOS and Android application. I have also created the website. I think I am a pretty good programmer but I have no clue how to advertise and get the word out for my product.

    (Expected) Revenue

    I have no clue. At this current time I have not made any revenue and the app is in beta. The app does contain ads and the website has a donate button. But without any customers, no revenue will be made.

    Risks & challenges

    The risk is obviously not making any revenue. But if we find customers and active users, we can make a good amount of revenue.
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      • 1-2 h.p.w
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      Function description

      This person will be in charge of reaching out to people and finding our audience.


      •Find our audience •Get daily users


      As of right now, we are not making any revenue. So if you succeed in your job and find our market, then we can discuss compensation.

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