Isometric RPG

by Dimitur Katzarov


    Trying to create an isometric fantasy RPG driven by a good story.

    The game will be a simple isometric rpg with cartoon/low poly art. The gameplay will be mostly linear following the story and it will be around an hour maybe more (depends on the resources and ideas). I have a general idea of the story but i haven't written it yet.

    The idea of this project is to try and complete a good looking game using my engine for a good portfolio and if its good enough to put in steam or indie game contests.

    I have already tried to create an isometric game but because of the art it looked awful. I guess there will be a lot of programming left but the main engine with the tiles, isometric view, camera, character movement, animation etc. is done.

    If the game looks promising i can look for a guy to make some music for us and maybe record voices.

    My part

    I am a programmer and i am working full time in a software company in Bulgaria. I have always wanted to make a game and this will be my first attempt at completing a full game and releasing it.

    I am going to program everything using C++ and also use the engine that is currently in development to create the world.

    I am also going to write a short story for the game and if everything goes well i will take care of publicity, advertisements and selling it (if we decide to).

    I don't have a lot of free time because of work and a lot of other personal projects but i think i can manage to complete a simple game.

    (Expected) Revenue

    Not sure what to expect. The project main purpose is not for profit, this is just a bonus.

    Risks & challenges

    The only risk for you is your time. But even if the project doesn't work the experience you gain and the art you create are worth it.
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      Function description

      I am looking for an artist to create an isometric tileset for a fantasy world with all the building, nature, and zones we will need for the game. Also isometric 8-sided characters with animations, maybe monsters and particle effects for spells and more ... The art will be colorful cartoon like. I can give examples if you are interested.


      I just need someone who can make art i like and it fits the game and story.


      See the project for info.
    Vincent Kreuziger 6 months ago
    Hi, the idea sounds interesting and I'm currently searching for a project for a portfolio. However could you present an example of the tiles you have in mind? Are they supposed to be 2D or 3D in isometric perspective?
    tiffany williams 5 months ago
    Hello Dimitur, I am also an artist looking for project experiences. I am just looking to model objects and environments. I am not experienced with character designs and animations. If you are interested in splitting the art tasks amongst perhaps animators, character designers, and environment/ prop designers I'd love to join the team. I too like isometric designs and simple bright color schemes.

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