EverEmber Reborn Sandbox Openworld Multiplayer RPG

by Daniel


    EverEmber Reborn is a multiplayer online hardcore open-world action RPG in its own new genre!

    Looking for a C# programmer and other developers to help develop an Open World multiplayer RPG with an experienced team. Summary: EverEmber Reborn is a multiplayer online hardcore open-world action RPG.

    Description: The game takes place in the world of EverEmber, a fantasy world where you have no direction, only your skill and other players to either aid or hinder you on your journey. The game is a first person open world pvp game, with progression aspects taken from agar and slither. The world is not too huge, and because of that players will constantly fight and die, dropping their obtained gear and forcing to restart. The combat is skill based, with many places to explore. The best aspects from Runescape, Ultima, Mortal online, and the Elder Scrolls games are taken and incorporated. Everyone has their own adventure, it’s your choice how it starts and ends.

    EverEmber Reborn is a sequel to the game EverEmber Online (check it out at http://www.everember.com/). They are very different in their concept and execution, but the fantasy elements and ideas are brought over from its predecessor. We have been developing EverEmber online for over 4 years, but it’s time we move on. We have also worked on various private server projects, so the developmental process is nothing new for us.

    Team: We currently have a fairly large development team already, 10 main developers, myself, Ozfer (server host, developer, IT tech), Juicyz (Lead Programmer), EMPHyperdrive (Programmer) Amit (Game Developer and Modeler), HugeJackedman (Game Developer), Gw1p (Game developer), Naitsirik (Modeler), Symbolizemusic (Musician), Aytimothy (Programmer). We also have a musician assisting us (Davide Severi) with our soundtrack and a concept and concept artist (Akram). SeeEnvy is a writer for us.

    What we're looking for:

    What we need are programmers as of this moment. We need someone who is determined on helping us program the game itsself. We have much of the networking done and we are using Photon. The language we're using is C#, so knowledge of C# is a MUST HAVE!


    -Experience with Unity and its technology

    -Interest in the games concept

    -Ability to do one of the things listed in our needs, either C# unity programming, or networking assistance.

    -Time to dedicate to the game, we don’t have a constraint but a few hours every couple of days will suffice.

    -Be able to communicate in English, as all of our team speaks English either fluently or well.

    -Have a method through which we could pay you eventually.

    Eye Candy (In-game screenshots & Concept Art):

    https://i.imgur.com/Z7Q8lkE.jpg https://i.imgur.com/SrwfEDL.png https://i.imgur.com/EDnJDsK.jpg https://everember.com/attachments/cave_ember-jpg.87/

    If you are interested, please do contact us via Everemberonline@gmail.com or message me here on unity forums with what you can do for us, why we interest you, and whatever questions or comments you have. Feel free to join our website if you cannot help us in development, but instead can assist us by playing the game upon release or testing it!


    See you in the land of EverEmber.

    My part

    I'm Kajamaz, i'm the head developer of a game called EverEmber Online, and 2d sandbox MMORPG. We want to move forward, using new Unity technology and 3D, we want to make a completely different, new, and fresh game. I've developed games for over 7 years. I'll be putting my time and effort into coordinating the project, facilitating design, mapping, development, publication, and virtually every other task in the project.

    (Expected) Revenue

    TBD once kickstarted, Revshare among team members as decided by a vote by all members.

    Risks & challenges

    We could potentially not get kickstarted, which means we would be unable to pay anyone, but even though its a risk, its an outcome we dont plan on occurring. We'll put all our effort in making the project as likable and make sure it gets funded.
      • 3D Model Maker or Animator

      • 4-8 h.p.w
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      Function description

      We are in need of a 3D Model Creator who can help us design our trailer, make models for the game, and possibly animate different models, creatures, etc...


      -Expirence Creating 3D models in a model creation engine such as Blender or etc... -Experienced with Unity -Interested in the project -Be creative and able to dedicate a minimum of 5 hours to the project a week.


      Once funded, we'll Rev-Share with you depending on the volume of work you've done.
      • Game Testers and Participants

      • 1-2 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Anyone interested in becoming a game tester/player at EverEmber Reborn, join the website at http://www.everember.com/ and for alpha keys apply to this position. Needs to be willing to stick with the project till release, test the game, provide feedback, and possibly promote the game in spare time to aid our growth!


      -Willing to try a game -Willing to take the time to provide feedback -Offer some form of assistance in the form of suggestions or promotion for the game


      Limited Alpha Keys, Possible promotion to moderator or marketer depending on devotion to the project!
      • Advertiser or Marketer

      • 4-8 h.p.w
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      Function description

      We need a person who is capable of devoting time into spreading word about our game, getting different websites interested in interviewing us, posting articles, spread the game around various forums, reddit, etc... We also need someone to be able to keep the forums active once users join! Also must help us make a press release and spread it!


      -Experience marketing/advertising a game or helping moderate one


      You will be given a percent of revenue based on work put in.
    Daniel Osiewala 6 months ago
    Hello! I am a music composer and producer, student in the Superior Conservatoire in Spain. If you need to increase your audio team or you need a musician in the future don't hesitate to contact me. I have composed music for videogames and short films. I attach you a link to some examples of my portfolio: https://soundcloud.com/daniel-osiewala-jimenez/sets/demos

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