MMORPG Development Project GOTY

by Alexander Kuehn


    We are a Team of 15 people and we are creating a MMORPG, searching for DEV's with experience in Unreal engine 4.

    Our Project is in an early state. The theory work is pretty much done. We have a Team of 15 People, some of them are Concept Artists and are already creating amazing Art. Now, we have to work on a demo to pitch that to investors. We already established contact to investors that now want to see a demo. For that demo we would need you and your talent for further development. We do not have the funding’s right now to pay you. That is why we have to finish the demo as quickly as we can. Once we have the funding’s we will be able to pay all people working with us. With your Skill set we should be able to finish that demo in a short amount of time. 
    I would love to have a chat with you, to make you see that we are very much worth your time.

    These are two of our Artist:

    She is one of our Concept and 3D Artists: 
    Tomás is pretty new to the Team:


    My part

    Hi I am Alex, and one of the founder of this Project.
    My part will be searching for new people, any administrative Work.
    My Background comes from the IT World, I`ve been a salesman in the industry for around 7 years now. With my Partner Tim I decided to get on a Project to create a MMORPG.

    (Expected) Revenue

    As mentioned we thrive to get everybody paid at a level what they deserve as soon as we have fundings.

    Risks & challenges

    We are thriving to create a demo which impresses investors.
      • Searching for motivated Unreal Engine 4 Developers

      • 8-16 h.p.w
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      Function description

      We are searching for people with experience in game development and the unreal engine 4. Your job will be working with our Team to create a working demo. This Demo will take place in a dungeon. (not a complete Dungeon)


      - UE 4 experience - MMORPG experience - Teamplayer


      We offer a chance to get into project with potential.
    Alex Smith Blasdell 4 months ago
    How many people are you looking for?
    Alex Smith Blasdell 4 months ago
    Also what role are you looking for? programmer, 3d artist,2d artist,etc.

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