by thomas dickersons


    Create a high quality game to put on the steam marketplace for gamers to enjoy

    Survive(working title)

    The aim of the game is to go into a map and either survive for as long as you can against hordes of enemies or try to kill the boss that's wandering around the map. if the boss is killed it would drop loot that could be used to upgrade your character and take into the next map.

    The combat for the game will be a magic-based combat allowing players to pick which spells they take into the map before the map is loaded and they will be what they use to survive, kill enemies and heal there team or them self.

    The progression system will be on an XP basis whereby using a school of magic it will unlock more spells of that school, for example, using a heal spell will unlock more spells related to healing, using protection spells and buffs will unlock spells in the tank school of magic. As for the loot dropped by the boss it is a RNG basis so it could drop a piece of armour that gives you +5 health +10 protection + 18 stamina but - 100 manna and its up to the player to decide if the piece of armour is beneficial for there playstyle, or if it would be a detriment when considering the boss of the map.

    Each map will have a unique boss and unique enemies so each map will play very differently and would require pre-planning on what spells would be more beneficial for surviving. The game should aim to constantly keep players on the toes and have an eery feeling to it, with a dark and twisted art style

    The game is aimed at 5 player games but should be able to be completed in its entirety by a solo play, to do this the boss should scale with the number of players. but as well as that the players should be able to select the difficulty of the map. a higher difficulty setting will mean that the boss has a better chance to drop higher rarity and better gear, as well as this the XP gain should be increased.

    My part

    My part in this project will include:

    I will be in charge of completing in part any programming that needs to be complete for the game

    Level Designer
    I will use the completed assets to design and build the playable maps

    Game designer
    I will be in charge of any design elements for the game
    such as the art style, GUI layout and the style of the menu

    (not to say that everyone doesn't get an input in the style of the game)

    (Expected) Revenue

    The revenue for this game will be generated from the steam marketplace. I intend on selling the game for £20 but this is dependent on the quality of the final product. I do not intend on using early access

    everyone involved in the project will have an even split of the profits the game makes.

    I also intend on using crowd funding sites such as Kickstarter to provide funding if its needed.

    Risks & challenges

    The major challenges will be the lack of funding at the start of the project.
    getting the game on steam and sufficiently advertising it prior to launch
    building hype for the game and creating a community.
      • 3D Artist

      • 4-8 h.p.w
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      Function description

      The job of this role will be to produce 3D models, both high and low poly. the models will range from assets like scenery to characters. you will also be able to animate the models.


      the only requirement is to be able to complete the roles function.


      even split of the profits between the entire team.
      • Graphics designer

      • 4-8 h.p.w
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      Function description

      The role is to create the 2D art for the game, this will include things like GUI, menus and textures.


      the only requirement is to be able to complete the roles function.


      even split of the profits between the entire team.
    syun J 6 months ago
    hello, Thomas, I have some questions about your project. I'm interested in 3d artist position but I don't really get what art style you want. I see you wrote dark and twisted style but is it like casual or more like realistic one? I would like to know how many teammates you have and their exact role, also is there any predicted finish date of the project? thanks .

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