Action RPG with pixel graphics

by James Wood


    A semi-open world action RPG with 8-directional movement and combat and a slew of crafting and gathering skills.

    The game will be a 3/4 perspective (perspective used in hyperlight drifter and titan souls) action rpg with 8-directional movement and combat. It will have a semi-open world with a safe town as the main hub for shopping/crafting/getting quests. The town has a portal to another dimension - the portal is explored by adventurers who come from far and wide to plunder its riches (the player is one of these adventurers). The player will have a number of skills (combat and non-combat) with linear stat-based progressions. Non-combat skills will allow for alternative methods of acquiring useful items/gear and earning money. The story will be quite open-ended, it will be driven at the start by simple quests that urge the player to explore certain areas and will begin to unfold as the player makes discoveries on their own.

    Inspirations: Dark Souls Runescape Made in Abyss Hyperlight Drifter

    My part

    I will be the project lead and sole programmer. I have already begun working on the game and have thus far implemented the following systems:
    - Player movement and collisions
    - Item index - a system for handling in-game items such as weapons/armour/tools/food etc
    - Working inventory and equipment menus
    - Working shops and bank
    - Mixing and matching of player armour for all animations and directions
    - Sprite draw ordering - allows the player to appear in front of a tree and then walk behind it

    (Expected) Revenue

    Who knows... Millions, or nothing, or somewhere in between. I am making this game because the concept is something I really dig and I wish there already existed such a title - hopefully other people and their wallets will feel the same.

    Risks & challenges

    - The kickstarter campaign fails to get funded
    - In such a situation I would be forced to try and
    hire a sound designer who would accept a
    percentage of my cut as payment.

    - Making such an extensive game to a high degree of polish
    - Just gotta keep at it until it gets there
      • Lead Pixel Artist

      • 16-32 h.p.w
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      Function description

      You will be responsible for creating all of the artwork for the game and its associated promotional materials. You will design and produce colour palettes, sprites, tilesets, UI elements and more.


      Preferably you will be fluent in English but you must be able to communicate at a conversational level or better. You must have a strong understanding of colour theory, be able to produce and animate character and enemy sprites, and a decent knowledge of perspective. The player and most enemies and NPCs will need sprites that can move in 8 direction so you should be familiar with this style of character sprite. The game will have a 3/4 perspective (like hyperlight drifter and titan souls) so you must be confident that you can execute such an art style.


      You will receive a 40% cut of earnings from game sales. When we have a vertical slice we will be running a kickstarter campaign to raise the funds required to hire a sound designer and composer. Assuming the kickstarter campaign is successful some funds may be allocated to you should you need them to complete your job.
    Gabriel Nogueira 5 months ago
    Hello! Are you looking for a soundtrack and soundeffects composer? We can negotiate!

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