by Samuel Hartwell

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    AIIEN is a First-Person story game inspired by the mysteries surrounding Area-51.

    AIIEN is a first-person story game inspired by the mysteries surrounding Area-51. As the player, you will discover the secrets that surround Area-51 in the year 2059, 41 years after the government shut operations. You will explore the site, discovering unseen documents that lead you to believe there has been otherworldly activity here. Unaware to those entering, there will be an experience you won't want to miss out on within.

    My part

    My role in this project is the Lead Designer and Head of Marketing. I want to gather a gather this team to help me execute my vision for this game. I have experience with programming and even a University degree in Computer Gaming Technology, however I believe that design in my strong suit and this is where I am best able to be a valuable member of a team. I want the people in this team to be invested in the project, and feel they are contributing to something which they are passionate about. This project will be just as much yours, as it is mine.

    (Expected) Revenue

    Expected revenue for this project will be via Steam sales.

    Risks & challenges

    With an experienced and effective team, will have a great chance of making this project a success.

    The real challenge is getting the game to completion. This will take enthusiastic and cooperative team members.
      • Concept Artist

      • 16-32 h.p.w
      Lewis Monson
      5 months ago
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      Function description

      I am looking for a concept artist, whose "job" is to create concepts, not beautifully rendered images. You need to create color-palettes, invent environments, creating moods and shape the visual style of our project.. from animation-sketches to character designs, over prop environment-pieces. Your task is to help our world becomes believable. You would become our Lead Artist and have a very important role, so you`d also need to have a heavy dedication and passion for our product to be able to make it look awesome!


      Strong design skills in shape-languages and color-theory, Strong ability to create concepts (sketches/silhouettes) and be able to shape them, when you have time. Also you need to talk a lot with our 3D artists to help them bring your concepts to life!


      15% revenue share of sales.
      • 3D Artist

      • 16-32 h.p.w
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      Function description

      I'm looking for someone to play a pivotal role in the production of this project. Someone who can become enthusiastic about the prospect of building this game. You will preferably already work as a 3D modeller/rigger/artist and want to work on a side project which has the potential to bring you extra income or even partnership in a new game studio.


      Strong skills in Blender/Maya/3Ds Max and Adobe Suite. Also you need to talk a lot with our concept artist to help bring their concepts to life!


      15% revenue share of sales.
      • Gameplay Programmer

      • 16-32 h.p.w
      Michael Averett
      6 months ago
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      Function description

      I'm looking for a Gameplay Programmer, who has enough time and knowledge to create the core-gameplay mechanics within this team. We are currently completely sacrificing our free time to produce our product and are expecting the same from our programmer. This is a time-consuming role and hense you will be rewarded with a large part of the revenue share.


      Unity 3D in C# and the ability to research if you need to understand a specific mechanic.


      25% revenue share of sales.

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