NEXUS Project

by Fotus Knight


    NEXUS is a Single Player SCI-FI FPS game on Unity with a deep involvement in a story and a world.

    Hello, and thanks for clicking on this project. I appreciate it greatly!

    As I previously said, NEXUS is a Single Player only SCI-FI FPS game on Unity with a deep involvement in a story and a world. It's been my passion for 1/3 of my entire life.

    The game involves all the basic mechanics we've come to expect in most modern games such as movement, shooting, enemies, city hubs etc. But then we have more intricate mechanics such as NEXUS Abilities. That's where NEXUS shines. All 4 main protagonists of NEXUS use armor abilities to survive and accomplish stuff in the world. That's a unique spin on a genre and that's what we are going to do. Programmers will have to deal with concepts such as: Invisibility, Transformation, Portable Shield, Enemy Hacking, Singularity, Magnetic Fields and so on... While sound designer creates a diverse sound library of electronic and technological feel to it all.

    At first I wanted to do everything alone, including coding and testing. But I realized that if I'm going to go deeper into the programming my head would explode. I think I have enough plates on my shoulders. Story, design, art and 3D assets are more than enough for me.

    DEADLINE: Summer 2019

    We have at least an year to prepare for the grand showcase for a Kickstarter campaign. In-game gameplay footage. (Approximatley 10 minutes) It will be a long road ahead, we are planning to complete all character animations, perfect enemy A.I. and finish all sound effects. All the in-game 3D assets are up to me.

    20 Weapons (ALREADY MODELED):
    9 Guns
    3 Grenades
    8 Melee Weapons


    All additional vehicles and ships are going to be made later.

    I will go in all intricate details in the conversation after I find all the people needed. No details on the actual story yet. One thing I can say about it is that it involves a handful of characters living in the same world, all of which have different lifes, affiliations and believes in the grand future. All of their destinies are connected on a deeper level.

    My part

    You're still with me? Great! So let's talk a little bit about me.

    I'm a long time concept-artist and I have a passion for sci-fi worlds, gear, characters etc. I'm proficient in 2D and 3D art. (Not good at animating). Though I'm 19 years old, I've been working on this project since my teenage years, for at least 5 years, since 2013. I learned a lot since then, but I still follow a clear vision of the original idea of NEXUS and what it's about.

    I'm responsible for a in-game story, game design, art direction, concept-art, character art, weapons art and environmental art. And most of all, world development. I sketch, concept and pretty much 90% of all the visual assets needed for NEXUS. So, to put it simply, I cover all the art and story of the project. No need to worry about how it looks, and what it is. I have a clear direction and a vision for my project for years at this point.

    All concepts and artwork are made solely on Adobe Photoshop CS6. Who needs anything else for that?

    All 3D assets are modeled on Blender and then imported into Unity.

    But I'm always open for another artists who believe they're up to the challenge and they want to help.

    You can check my portfolio and my current artistic skill level on ArtStation:

    (Expected) Revenue

    I'll give it to you straight. There is no revenue I don't have any money, you don't have any money. But we all have a passion. That's why we are here. We will accomplish the needed progress, we are going to show it to people once we have enough progress to show. And after that we will have enough attention to launch a kick-starter campaign. All of you will receive a proper percentage of the overall revenue.

    Risks & challenges

    It's an ambitious project, without a doubt. It involves hours and hours of programming, testing, tweaking and finding more people along the way. But as you can see I alone have gone a long road and accomplished lots of stuff. Together it would be even easier.
      • Programmer

      • 4-8 h.p.w
      Bodhi Hawken
      4 months ago
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      Function description

      A competent programmer who knows how to code and willing to cooperate with a 2D/3D artist.


      Knowledge of any programming language. Experience in Unity Ability to code all the character movements, interactions, etc Ability to code a competent enemy A.I.


      10% of overall profit once the project is released
      • Sound Designer

      • 2-4 h.p.w
      Maxim Whisler
      6 months ago
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      Function description

      A person who knows how to create sounds (Cause I definitely have no idea how people create them) A person who is interested in the overall project and willing to cooperate and go through with it. We'll all have to talk together and come to a mutual language on how to approach different things in the game. Person will be responsible for all the sound effects in the game: Movement sounds Shooting sounds Explosion sounds Ambient sounds Electronic sounds Computer sounds UI sounds etc


      Ability to create realistic sound effects set in a SCI-FI theme Competent skill Willing to communicate with other members of the team


      10% of overall profit once the project is released
    Tanner J Dice 6 months ago
    I'm interested, though of course before anything you have to know that I'm currently learning how to program and don't have a deep knowledge of it as of yet. This would be a learning experience for me. I feel I could accelerate my learning if I had an actual goal in mind rather than just going through the motions. So if this is acceptable to you comment back and let's chat. I'm 22 if you were curious.

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