Altering Pyramid

by Rami Bokhari


    A 2D rougelike game where the player goes into pyramid floors, each floor consist of procedural generated rooms

    It’s a 2D rougelike game where the player goes into pyramid floors, each floor consist of procedural generated rooms. The player can proceed to the next floor after he/she defeats the level’s boss. The game features permeadeath. Each time the game is played differently

    The game theme is based on Egyptian Mythology. The ultimate goal is to reach the top floor (as opposed to usual rougelike games where player descends in floors) of the pyramid by defeating each floor boss to proceed to the next one. In the top floor the player defeats the returning lord of dead Anubis to resurrect a dead relative of the character. (Each character has a motivation).

    The game is genre a 2D rougelike. It's inspired by famous indie titles Enter the Gungeon and Crypt of the NecroDancer. The game features are:

    *Town that has character selection, shops, training area, boss rush mode and entrance of the pyramid *Pyramid floors (dungeons) that are procgen each time played. *Shop keepers are rescued from the dungeons. *Puzzles based on Egyptian script. *Local co op mode (consoles only) *Ranged (guns, bows, crossbows etc) and melee (swords, spears, whips etc) weapons *Traps *chasing sequences *Dynamic music based on events.

    The game will be released on many platforms. We will focus on PC and Switch. PS4 and PSVita will come later. The console version only (excluding vita) will feature local co op mode for obvious reasons.

    The project is currently in prototyping stage and still in early development. But we already have a playable character and simple room manager system. Development is going smoothly.

    My part

    I'm the sole programmer of the game. I will be in charge of making the game mechanics, character controller, enemy AI, game system etc..

    I'm capable of developing the game and I've already started prototyping and it's going very well ..

    (Expected) Revenue

    The game will be distributed on multiple platforms (steam, PSN, Nintendo Store) and will be paid

    There won't be any microtransactions or pay to win model

    There might be a paid DLC in the future

    The game is expected to sell very well after observing similar titles

    Risks & challenges

    The game is ambitious, yet has a reasonable scope. I know exactly what to do to make this game. I only need a talented artist to give this game a spirit..

    There's a risk that a team partner might burn out and stop working. That's why we need everyone's commitment to the project until we deliver.

    I expect good profits from the game as rougelike games are doing very well and they aren't too many good ones out there
      • Pixel Artist

      • 2-4 h.p.w
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      Function description

      As the game artist, you will be responsible of creating a unified art direction and a unique style for the game. You will be responsible of creating all sprites and animations of characters, monsters, tiles, weapons, items, etc.. You will have a creative freedom about the art of the game as I'm have an open mind about the game art.


      * Experience in 2D pixel art and frame animation. Previous work sample is required. * Ability to design 2D characters based on bio. * Ability to design weapons and item icons * Any other input in other areas of the game is welcomed * Have a unique art style * Have a unified and consistent art direction


      I offer 2 options: Monthly payments: * I will be able to provide a fixed monthly payment but the amount is not very big. I will provide payments until work is done. * wont receive any profit from the game revenue Partnership/Revenue share: * Wont receive any payments during development * Will be my partner and we will split the profit :) Name of the artist will be in the credits either way

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