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    This projexg aims to bring to life Israel Blargh's Life is Strange fan-fiction Better Then in the form of a short film.

    Better Then is a Life is Strange fan-fiction written by Israel Blargh. This project aims to bring it to life in the form of a 3D animated short-film.

    Plot synopsis: Chloe has been dead for five months, and Max can no longer live with the choice she made. She's tried to go back, but her powers are gone. Or are they just dormant? Could she trigger them again with the right motivation? She can only think of one way to find out.

    Link to the original fan-fiction:

    Progress images:

    My part

    I'm the Better Then project lead and have overseen development from the beginning. We've almost completed recording voice acting and artwork for the project and are in need of animators to help bring the story to life.

    (Expected) Revenue

    This a non-profit passion project.

    Risks & challenges

    We've overcame many challenges throughout this project's development and the audio/2d aspect is almost complete. Now we're in need of 3d animators to helps bring the story to life!
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      • 1-2 h.p.w
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      Function description

      The role of an animator would be to bring our recorded voice acting and storyboarding to life via animation and 3d assets. We'd be able to provide assets (models, scenery) and the like.


      Applying animators should have experience in anh program capable of 3d animation.


      As this is a voluntary passion project we can't offer much but an opportunity to learn and make new friends.

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