by Asher Hill


    A Roguelike Combo based Hack'nSlash Platformer. Make your way through a winding dungeon, and discover why you were sent.

    This game is inspired by many other games that I have enjoyed over the years. Knightcrawler is a roguelike platformer that seeks to combine the snappy, fluid movement of Super Mario, the deliberate, measured combo based combat of Dark Souls and the exploration and mystery of minecraft, all set in a procedurally generated dungeon with an air of doom.

    The Lore

    Your character is an unnamed champion of the God of the Light, Life and Mercy, a disembodied soul inhabiting a suit of armor. Although you have been sent to Earth many times before, this time is unusual; you have no instructions, no map to follow, no contact with your patron. You are left to discover your purpose alone in a treacherous, winding dungeon. Your only clues are your companion, Will'o'the'Wisp, and a mysterious spectre known only as "The Guide."

    Game Modes

    Knightcrawler consists of (hopefully) two gamemodes.

    The first is an endless roguelike dungeon generator, which challenges you to get as far as you can into the infinite abyss.

    The other is Story Mode, which follows the plot of this lost champion, and his quest to find a missing God.


    Knightcrawler's core gameplay loop consists of exploring a dungeon level, fighting monsters to level up, finding loot to enhance your abilities, and destroying a procedurally generated boss monster to progress to the next, more difficult level.

    some important features of gameplay will include...

    Light and Shadow - Knightcrawler uses a 2d dynamic lighting system which casts shadows at runtime. Besides using light to find your way, many monsters will respond to light sources in different ways, offering more solutions to combat that charging in headfirst.

    Combo Attacks - intricate 1-2-3 combo strokes that will require timing and thoughtful positioning. This isnt a mad dash, but a paced descent.

    Archery - An alternative to swordplay, which allows for other creative approaches to combat

    Death and Respawning - This is a roguelike, so permadeath (at least in the endless dungeon mode) resets the game to square one, recording your score and achievements on a scoreboard. However, you may gain extra lives by finding extra suits o armor to inhabit. On death, if there is a suit of armor on your level that you have activated, you will spawn there. Your loot, however, will be on your corpse.

    XP and Levelling - as you gain levels, you will be offered random perks pulled from a skill tree. These may be base perks, such as more health, faster stamina regen, or damage multpliers. They may also include new combos, abilities, auras and passive skills.

    Loot - Capes, swords, bows, arrows, potions, etc. However, your armor is your character, and therefor static. Loot offers a variety of modifiers, skills and buffs.

    The Dungeon - The dungeon randomly generates rooms, which are then populated with terrain, prefabs, monsters and loot.

    Bosses - the door to the next room is always guarded by a boss. These bosses will derive from archetypes, which then are procedurally modified. This may affect there abilities, elemental types, and stats, all scaled by a difficulty modifier. Bosses will drop more XP than standard monsters, and one guaranteed high power loot item.

    Above all else, understand that this is a labor of love. This game represents my best attempt at completing a vision. let me know if this project interests you.


    My part

    I may serve many rotating purposes, from level design to music composition, but above all I will be the creative director. I will be making final decisions in regards to game design and major mechanics. That being said, I am no expert in many regards, and so I will be looking to my team members for advice, input, assistance and opinions.

    In addition to this I will also be a coder. My experience lies mainly in player controls, interactive mechanics, procedural generation, and level design.

    (Expected) Revenue

    Once a working version is complete, I would aim to put it on both Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter (or another crowdfunding site.) Maybe a pay what you want demo is the best option.

    I would like this game to sell for $15 or $20 on steam at completion. All revenue will be split among team members. For me, this is more about seeing the project completed, and the XP we will all gain, and not about the loot.

    Risks & challenges

    This is an ambitious project. The main risk we run is losing steam and giving up. I think if we finish HALF of the goals I've laid out, we will have made a quality indie game.
      • AI programmer Unity Csharp

      • 4-8 h.p.w
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      Function description

      The main goal is to provide players with balanced, challenging and fun AI. These don't need to be complex or overly intelligent AI, just simple state machines that react to the player and the environment. These AI would have a number of variables, mostly stat variables, but a few would have behavioral variants as well. The idea is that the higher the difficulty, the more likely a player is to run across tougher variants of common monsters. How this is accomplished is up to you, and I am glad to hear new ideas. Experience is important, but it is outweighed by enthusiasm twofold. Let me know if this interests you.


      C# coding Experience in unity Preferably experience with AI, State Machines and A* pathfinding.


      - An even split of revenue with the other team mates. - My undying gratitude.
      • 2D Sprite and Tile Artist

      • 4-8 h.p.w
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      Function description

      I have a limited knowledge of sprite design, animation and tile maps. I would like to hand this aspect of the project off to someone with a greater understanding, interest and skill level that myself. Knightcrawler will require tiles and sprites for a number of environments, traps, items, monsters, bosses, and the player. One tile (and one in game unit) is 64x64 pixels. I am going for a dark, oppressive and intimidating feel. If this interests you, let me know.


      Knowledge of Photoshop, Gimp, or similar program. An understanding of how sprites and tiles are used in-game.


      - An even split of revenue with the other team mates. - A Firm Handshake.

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