Project Beyond

by Chris


    Low Poly sandbox game full of possibility. Explore deep space & dive into the magic & mystery...or just build a mud hut.

    Before you read anymore and wast your time here is what we're using to make the project.

    • Game Engine: Unreal 
    • Programming Language: C++
    • Modelling Program: Blender


    Project Beyond is an open world sandbox game that we want to pack full of possibilities. Do you want to go to space and build complex space stations? Sure! You want to dive more into the mystery of the world and invest in magic and other dimensions? You can do that too!

    The art style will be using Low Poly like this:

    Project Beyond


    First I want to put this out there, we don't want to build this as a Minecraft clone, there are plenty of them :D. We own and run a modded Minecraft network with over a 1000 members. This is where the idea for this game came from. What we love about modded MC is that what you can do is endless. Like magic, become a wizard... Like tech, build a complex factory.

    This is what we want to do with Beyond, but unlike modded MC it will be stable and we will be able to do more with it.

    Also to give you an idea of who we are as people. We're all in our early 20s (or close) and live in the UK, Canada and the US. Our group is a mix of males and females.


    Don't want to go too deep here or I will be here all day. Just want to try and give and an idea of what we're building.

    - Space and travel and exploration

    - Spaceship flight and building

    - Spaceship battles

    - Rage of different mobs

    Loads of games go for the mobs come out a night and don't spawn in the light. We want to change that up, have threats in the day and have mobs come towards the light.

    - Expanding world

    A range of nice looking biomes and buildings to find and explore.

    - In-depth Magic

    We want to allow players to evolve the magic over time. Have consequences for some of the magic they cast.

    - Huge range of nice looking blocks to build with

    - Woven stories and mysteries throughout the world

    - Complex tech

    Have an of host machines that players can build and use. With power and computer systems.

    - Fun crafting We have a nice idea for this :D

    - Realistic and educational

    Don't want it to feel like a lesion. Just want for example, if making metals it to be close to the way you would do it in the real world.

    - Fun water mechanics

    Water that acts the way it would in the real world. Your base just a hole in the floor? Better hope you have a pump or it doesn't rain

    We also want to create a sandbox world that doesn't feel lonely. That are loads of sandbox games out there, but the world always kind of feel empty, just you. We want to our work to feel populated and full of thing to do and explore.

    RPG Element 

    We also want to add RPG elements to the game, with the world having different stories and quests for you to find and follow. We want to world to feel populated and full of live. 


    This is a big project, so we have got organized. So far there are 4 of us working on the game and we have plans for each stage of the game and a document (GDD) that sums up what we want to have to be in detail.

    We also map out what we're doing in sites like trello. So we always know what the other is doing.


    We know this project is a big undertaking, but we're not expecting to build this overnight. The plan is to get a tech demo out, show people what we want to the game to be and pop it on kickstarter.

    After that, we will slowly update the game till it comes what we envision.

    My part

    - Helping to program the game
    - Working on low poly assets

    Later on, I will be also setting up our Kickstarter page and website.

    (Expected) Revenue

    We will split any money mode between everyone who is working on the project.

    Risks & challenges

    There is a risk as this is a big project we get tired of building it. I really don't this is going to happen, however... we are extremely passionate about the project and want to to see it become a game.

    We also have the advantage of being able to show the game off and kickstarter to our over 1000 members who play on our servers. These people are already interested in this type of thing and I think it could be the perfect audience to show something like this off to.
      • Unreal Engine Developer

      • 8-16 h.p.w
      Lowen Grange
      5 months ago
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      Function description

      Your role will be to work with our programmers to help code key features and systems of the game.


      Need to know: C++ Unreal Engine Also needs: To have discord and be happy to use a mic.


      A cut of money mode from the project
      • Low Poly Artist

      • 8-16 h.p.w
      Ralph Leslie Robinson
      5 months ago
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      Function description

      Your role will be to work with our other Low Poly Artist on making the models for the game.


      Need to know: Blender Also needs: To have discord and be happy to use a mic


      A cut of the money made from the project
      • Music Producer

      • 8-16 h.p.w
      Mark Scetch Lee
      5 months ago
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      Function description

      Your role will be to make the music for the game and the game's trailers.


      Need to know: How to make your own music and use a software of your choice. Also needs: To have discord and be happy to use a mic


      A cut of the money mode from the project
    ctam tech inc 8 months ago
    looks very interesting
    Ralph Leslie Robinson 8 months ago
    A wonderful project, excites me just reading the description and the possibilities. I'm a modded MC fan as well, and this type of game I'd have so much fun with.
    ePLix 8 months ago
    I'm really interested about this project. I'm a composer and I would love to work with you! I sent you a request with other information. Hopefully I can see you soon! _- ePLix -_
    waheed u rahman 6 months ago
    hey, this seems like an amazing project, so what is your long-term goal, what are you looking to achieve and how are you demographic.

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