Next after Next

by Mal Little

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    A one-minute or less video for Next after Next, an upcoming animated band, created with your software of choice.

    Next after Next are characters from a graphic novel called Jump, created by myself and writer Luis Cencieros. The novel tells the story of an alien races' sudden arrival and settling in a small Western town. Two restless young aliens become as interested in this new world as the world is in them and decide to start a band.

    Although they are just two characters out of many in the comic, I wanted to create a short video for Next after Next to expand the world of the story for readers, as well as create another separate yet viable product.

    I'd like to experiment with the semi-photoreal looks. Check out the short films "Agent 327" "Adam" or "Book of the Dead:  I'm not planning on this same level of detail for this short, but just to give an idea of the look.

    My part

    I'm the concept creator and designer/illustrator for the project.
    I have a background in music as well, which lead to the idea of using songs to promote and market the graphic novel that these characters come from.

    For the animation developer, I will provide or assist with any assets needed for the shot. For the marketing professional, I'm available to brainstorm and/or perform any tasks needed to help your process.

    (Expected) Revenue

    As with any creative endeavor, there is the risk of failure - but if this project is even mildly successful, the Unity developer collaborating with me could expect $80,000 and up ( the average salary for this skill set in NYC currently. ) by having a finished project in a portfolio.

    This project will be promoted and marketed as an actual band as well, so we can use character-based concepts like Gorillaz, Marshmello, Dethlok, or the Archies as a benchmark for potential success.

    The final piece will be launched across social platforms, Youtube to Instagram, as well as on music streaming services, and 25% of any income that incurs from this is allocated for the developer and marketing persons.

    Risks & challenges

    The primary challenge is to make the final product good.
    I chose to keep it at one minute or shorter, and to make the shot a single location to save everyone time and expense, thus minimizing risk.

    Let's have fun!!
      • Animation Developer

      • 2-4 h.p.w
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      Function description

      This person will lead the animation aspect of the project. Working with any engine, character animator, or software that can achieve the "feel" of the project.


      Be experienced or interested in experimenting with filmmaking, animation, music, new media, and start-up culture, towards the creation of a single shot, one minute or less piece, that will act as a calling card for our team.


      25 to 40% percent of the Next after Next property and/or guaranteed placement if the property is picked up by a larger business entity.
      • Marketing and Promotions

      • 2-4 h.p.w
      Shannon Jones
      8 months ago
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      Function description

      Assist in the development of Next after Next as a brand product.


      Interest and/or experience in marketing and/or promotions for music, games or entertainment based product.


      25 to 40% percent of the Next after Next property, based on the split between the number of partners in the project.
    Theo Proulx 7 months ago
    Hey man, A piece of advice : Don't use Unity as a animation engine, use something like Blender. I know it can be easy to fall in the trap of Sticking with things you know, but how can you learn?? Trust me, Blender is easy to pick up, completely free and, most importantly, Miles better then Unity in terms of animation. Unity : A Game engine, CAPABLE of animation. Blender : An "Animation engine", CAPABLE of making a game. Just because they are capable doesn't mean that they should be used for that purpose.
    Mal Little 7 months ago
    Hi Theo, Ok, I hear you on that point. I saw some of Unity's "film" experiments and enjoyed the semi-real look being achieved. That said, I've seen fantastic realistic renders output from Blender, but hadn't seen any animation. I'll edit my project description and see if it gets interested Blender talent. Thanks for your thoughts! Mal

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