Type Knight

by chaikaDev


    I need a 2D artist to collaborate with on this short bite-sized game.

    Type Knight is a short typing game where the player must use his typing skills to survive. Enemies have a word attached to them and you write the word to defeat them. The gameplay is simple but fun. I came up with this idea because I wanted to do something achievable yet not overdone. As far as I know, the only games that have a similar concept is the "Typing of the dead" series.

    Current prototype : https://my.mixtape.moe/xfvfir.zip

    The project is already well on its way to being complete. The core gameplay is there and I'm currently working on statistics. I'm planning to add other features such as being able to use only certain part of the keyboard (e.g.: home-row), choosing and saving words you want to use, support for other languages and keyboards. I will make sure to polish every detail so the game feels nice and professional.

    Depending on player feedback, I may add some longevity into the main gameplay by making the main mode a simple dungeon crawler.

    So far, I've been using free assets. That's why I need an artist to collaborate with! I need someone to redo some of the current assets so the game feels more unique. Most of the current assets are CC-0 so a complete redo is not required, unless you feel like it. New assets or redos will have to fit the art-style of the current ones. I'm open to changing to another art-style but if so, you'll have to replace everything that clashes with the new one.

    I'm using Gamemaker Studio 2 with the "developer" license. I have been using Gamemaker regularly since two and a half years (version 1.4 before 2 was released) and feel quite comfortable with it. Ideally you should have a Gamemaker 2 license too so I can share the full project with you. If you don't have it, we can still manage but it'll be less convenient.

    I'm open to suggestions or ideas if you want to contribute in any other way too!

    If you're a writer or a musician wanting to contribute I'm open to it too. We could do a short humorous VN-style story. More music is always good.

    My part

    I'm doing the programming and assembling the project together. I've been working on this game for about 5-6 weeks and it's getting close to completion. I just need an artist for the final touch!

    (Expected) Revenue

    Depending on the quality and amount of work you put in, we can do a 50/50 revenue share. I don't want to sell the game for more than 3 dollars. It will probably be only 1.

    We can also release the game for free if you want to. I'm doing this project more for practice and fun than wanting to make money. If too many free assets are left in I'd be more comfortable just giving the game away for free.

    Risks & challenges

    The risks are really low since the game is pretty much done and I only have to do polishing and add a few extra features. The scope and number of assets are small so it won't require a lot of time to invest.

    The only challenges I see would be if we sell the game. Signing a contract together, fairly sharing revenue, marketing and publishing.
      • 2D Artist and Animator

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      Function description

      Drawing some backgrounds and animating some sprites. As I've talked about in the game description, I found the assets I'm using for free. Most of them are CC-0. I'd like the game to feel more unique so at least some of them will need to be replaced. If you want to, you can replace everything and change the art-style too. However I expect assets to fit together and have consistent quality to them. If you have any ideas or suggestions not necessarily related to the art, I'm open to them.


      I'd like to see your portfolio and/or some of your previous games. Being able to answer back emails or IMs in a reasonable time.


      Revenue share. Easy title to put under your portfolio. I can help you out in your own project if you want to.

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