One Lonely Outpost

by Brad Petry

partially successful

    Creating a game inspired by Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon, but in space!

    One Lonely Outpost One Lonely Outpost is a 32-bit graphics farming simulator set in space. You begin as someone who is looking for a fresh start, and your uncle just left you an old space motor-home along with an approved license to start a new colony on a barren planet. After reaching the planet all alone, you begin the task of cultivating the land and attracting other colonists to your outpost. Over the course of the game you will grow your farm in scale, and meet and form relationships with the other colonists. You can even date and marry another colonist eventually.

    The game is largely an iteration on the structure laid out by Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. It will, like them, focus on providing a relaxing game experience and have a nostalgic feel. It will diverge somewhat in that it will have a more 'pioneering' feel, for example. We have many other new ideas on how to improve and innovate on the core concept, but I'll leave those for when you have joined and can read the full 15 page design document :)

    The game has been in development for around a month and a half now, and is expected to take an additional 12-18 months of programming work. The present art progress would mean the game would be finished in around 3 years; we are hoping to match that up with the programming timeline by adding additional artists.

    You can see more about the current status at the twitter for One Lonely Outpost:

    My part

    I, as part of our existing small team, am currently the Designer and secondary programmer, as well as being the PR/Marketing/Business guy mostly by default. We also have a writer, lead programmer, and 2D artist (who made all art represented here).

    (Expected) Revenue

    Expected revenue is between $50,000-$700,000 with a most likely revenue around $300,000 over the game's lifetime. With proper marketing, this figure could be doubled or tripped.

    Risks & challenges

    The largest risks include the game simply not reaching an elevated enough profile and failing, or the team falling apart. To help mitigate the latter problem, we are forming into an LLC soon, drawn up collaboratively by the team members. These two risks also present our greatest challenge; seeing the game through to completion and marketing.

    All members are committed to continue working on the game to its completion. Financially, the only risk is the couple thousand dollars that will be put into the LLC and licenses by the other programmer and I. All other risks are purely time-based.
      • Marketing and Business Manager

      • 4-8 h.p.w
      6 months ago
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      Function description

      Responsible for Public Relations, Advertising, and general promotion of the game. Handles Business networking, contacting publishers, and recruiting new team members as needed. Advises team of and manages day-to-day business matters, including but not limited to: -Market research & product viability -Financial Concerns -Business structure details, as able -Legal Concerns, as able


      -Experience successfully marketing a product on a shoestring budget. -Well-connected or good at making contacts in the game industry. -Willing and able to check in and communicate with the team on 3+ days each week via Discord. -Dedication to seeing the game through to completion; we've all sworn that rain or shine, boom or bust, this game will be completed. -Preferably experience with business practices, contracts, and general startup business concerns.


      Negotiable Revenue Share, Company Share, and/or back-pay.
      • Pixel Artist

      • 8-16 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Create pixel art sprites and images under the direction of the Lead Artist and Lead Designer. Create pixel art matching the style laid out. Ensure that all artwork integrates well with existing artwork. Contribute innovative ideas and feedback to the team in order to further help us refine the game.


      -Able to take the art style established and match your style to it. -High quality pixel art experience with structures, characters, and terrain. -Willing and able to check in and communicate with the team on 3+ days each week via Discord. -Dedication to seeing the game through to completion; we've all sworn that rain or shine, boom or bust, this game will be completed.


      Proportional revenue share to work completed, plus a percentage for total time as lead artist. Terms negotiable. Possible up-front pay if rate is low enough.

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