Masada Sensei and the Case of the Vanishing Purple

by MasadaTeam


    A mystery visual novel. An attempt to push the mechanics of the genre and developing talents.

    The story is as follows: there’s a new student at Hayabusa high and she has been stolen a very valuable jewel! Evidence seems to indicate someone from inside the school did it. Only Masada Mayonaka, teenage detective extraordinaire, can solve it.

    As a big detective fiction fan, I wanted this game to allow the player to solve a mystery without the game giving the answer away, like in so many other detective games. To do so, I’m currently designing a series of mechanics to give the player the tools to, step by step, figure out the solution. These are the mechanics I’ve come up with so far:


    Listen to a suspect’s testimony, double check with the evidence you found, then blast them when you find a contradiction! You can also make questions and other things in this stage, but think carefully what you ask, if you don’t wanna risk the suspect getting less and less cooperative.


    Once you’ve gathered your facts, look at them objectively and start making “deductions”. Select words from a list of suggestions, forming a sentence that speaks your thoughts. Look at all your deductions made and maybe you’ll already figure out the truth.


    Finally, use your finger and point out in front of everybody who the real culprit is! Be wary, you must have some evidence ready to back your claims or you’ll make a fool in front of everybody! But what happens if you accuse the wrong person…?


    You can find our first public demo here:

    My part

    Greetings. My name is DoubleH and I'm currently developing a game called "Masada-sensei and the Case of the Vanishing Purple."
    It is meant to be a visual novel with puzzle elements where the player solves a mystery in a high school setting.

    I originally started this project as an attempt to create a more involved detective game where the player could solve a mystery inside a narrative based solely on their wits and observation. Several games have tried and failed at this genre and I'd like to make a difference.

    I've been working on this project for a few years now and my current team is composed of me (writer), 1 programmer, 1 musician and 2 voice actresses. We currently have about 50% of the project done.

    We’re currently looking for a sprite character artist. Our game will have 5-9 characters and it has an anime aesthetic. We’re not looking for expert skill, but we’re looking for people who can keep commitment and are available to finish their work.



    (Expected) Revenue

    This is a non-commercial project with the goal of experimenting with game design and developing talents.

    We have no revenue planned. However, we are currently looking for ways to fund the project in order to support our team.

    Risks & challenges

    Working in a non-commercial project with a group of people from all the different corners of the world, all working to make their dreams come true can be a beautiful thing... But also a daunting task.

    One frequent problem is that team members, due to personal or professional reasons, are often unable to continue working on a project. This often throws the project schedule in disarray and forces us to look for new members (we're no strangers to this situation, unfortunately).
    This is something that cannot be avoided (or is very hard to) in an indie and non-profit project such as this one, unfortunately.
      • Sprite Character Artist

      • 2-4 h.p.w
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      Function description

      This person would be responsible for drawing the character sprites used in-game. Our game has around 5 to 9 characters and has an anime aesthetic. Concepts for these characters already exist. We’re not looking for expert skill, but we’re looking for people who can keep commitment and are available to finish their work.


      The artist should be able to replicate the character concepts and follow the instructions given by the project leader. The artists should be able to draw the same character with different expressions and poses. Art style should follow an anime aesthetic. Programs and tools used for drawing are left to the artist choice. However, the final result should be a PNG file with a specific resolution or dimension (these values are to be discussed with coding team).


      Again, this is a non-lucrative project, so there are no expected monetary gains for the artist.

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