Boom Boom Pass

by Loai Qubti

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    Join us creating this awesome 4 players online game! Each round 1 gun would be with 1 player, 10sec or 2 bullets, PASS!

    Game Idea : A multiplayer 4 players game (4 players in each room), the players have to kill (by shooting) other players in order to gain points, at the end of the game the winning player will be the one with the highest points obviously.

    In each game there will be one gun only, only one player can own it at a time.

    The game is based on rounds, the round is done when either 10 seconds have passed, or the gun is empty.

    On each round the gun will be with one player, 2 bullets inside. If 10 seconds pass, or the 2 bullets are shot, the gun will be passed to the next player. (That's why I call it "Boom Boom Pass")

    Status : We have already 6-8 characters, 4 guns, 2 bullet kinds, and 3 ready maps.

    The programming progress made so far is the players prefabs, most of the player's abilities (like grappling hook, double jumps...etc) , a main menu, and a working matchmaker scene.

    There are some errors we have to tackle especially in the multiplayer. We're working with Photon Unity Networking.

    I'd say the most thing I need right now is a skilled Multiplayer developer to make all of those systems work.

    My part

    I'm the project manager and the lead developer, and I have the full vision of the final product.

    I take charge in coding most of the game, and putting the animations together, the design as well.

    (Expected) Revenue

    I'm planning on submitting the game on Steam with a price that ranges from 10-25 dollars (depending on the game as a whole).

    Risks & challenges

    As long as we have a good multiplayer developer and a good marketer and social media manager, I think we'd have nothing to worry about since we have the rest of the team already.
      • Photon Unity Networking Developer

      • 16-32 h.p.w
      Michiel Jacobs
      7 months ago
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      Function description

      I need a medium/professional skilled Unity developer, that knows how to work with PUN. The most important code this role must write is a script that allows the 4 players to have rounds passing the gun between their hands , and limit each one to 2 bullets or 10 secs. For example: Game starts. gun is with Player 1, he shot 2 bullets so the gun is empty, the script makes the gun pass to Player 2, this player shot 1 bullet, but before shooting the 2nd one, the 10 seconds passed so the gun should pass to Player 3 (and so on).


      - PUN Skills/Knowledge and Experience. p.s. before applying check the example above and think/test if you can do it.


      A percentage of the game revenue, we'll discuss it together depending on your skills and how much you'll help us. (this role takes the highest percentage of all other team members)
      • Active Social Media Marketer

      • 8-16 h.p.w
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      Function description

      As the marketer, you'll be managing the social media accounts, posting updates and media to show off our game, interacting with possible users (in or outside of social media) and trying to gather together a user base that'd be happy to download the game right after the game is launched. However, we'll also continue our collaboration after the launch and during that time you'll be tasked with promoting the game in favor of more downloads and also interacting with users so that we can hear from them in order to improve the game.


      All we ask for is that you put in enough effort and time to actually get the job done and gather as many users as you can and also interact with them.


      A percentage of the game revenue, we'll discuss it together depending on how much you'll help us.

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