Blazing Pitchforks Multiplayer Action Steam Game

by Jack Donaldson


    Blazing Pitchforks is an online multiplayer action game that is currently been developed and needs more people!

    Blazing Pitchforks Multiplayer Action Steam Game

    Farmageddon is a multiplayer game aimed at around online games of 4-8 people, there are two teams 'The Farmers' and 'The Animals', players will be constantly completing objectives and trying to outsmart the other team before the time runs out in order to win.

    As An Animal You Must:

    • Blend in with AI animals to avoid being detected by the farmers BUT the AI animals slowly die as the round progresses
    • Complete goals and objectives to try and escape the map
    • Use your unique abilities given to you by your specific class e.g Sheep, Cow, Chicken

    Remember, be one with the animal, you are the animal, act like one!

    As A Farmer You Must:

    • Prevent the animals from completing objectives through any means possible...
    • Try and determine the player controller animals and kill them
    • Use your unique abilities given to you by levelling up to detect and counter the animals plans
    • Outlast the timer without letting the animals win

    As a Farmer, you need to keep what little peace there is left by slaughtering the player controlled sheep before they complete their objectives and escape!


    The goal of this game is to have continuous matches played which are fun and enjoyable. You are supposed to always be doing something and never feel bored as developers we aim to develop this game to the best of our abilities. Players will level up through playing games and constantly engaging in difficult challenges by doing this they will unlock new abilities, perks & cosmetics that can be used in games. We aim to make sure that all of the abilities and perks are well balanced in order to make sure new players have a chance. Our goal is to have all items to be obtainable without having to pay or fiddle with microtransactions.



    Currently our team consists of:

    - A programmer

    - A sound designer and music composer

    - Beta testers 


    Blazing Pitchforks Multiplayer Action Steam Game Blazing Pitchforks Multiplayer Action Steam Game Blazing Pitchforks Multiplayer Action Steam Game Blazing Pitchforks Multiplayer Action Steam Game Blazing Pitchforks Multiplayer Action Steam Game

    My part

    I am the Project Manager and programmer for the game and have been working on it with the other team members for almost a year.

    (Expected) Revenue

    This game is going to be placed on Steam and has already got large amounts of integration and from there on we may expand to other platforms depending on the reaction from the public.

    Risks & challenges

    This project will come with a large amounts of risks and may take longer then expected to release on Steam early access. Our planned release date is Quarter 1 2019 and we are on schedule for it at the moment. Members who contribute significantly may receive a revenue share or payment for their time spent depending on the total income.
      • Community Manager

      • 2-4 h.p.w
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      Function description

      We need a person who is capable of devoting time into spreading word about our game, getting different websites interested in interviewing us, posting articles, spread the game around various forums, reddit, etc... We also need someone to be able to keep the forums active once users join! Also important to stay on the forums and engage with users.


      -Experience marketing/advertising a game or helping moderate one


      It is meant for you and for us to learn and have a great experience together creating a game. If you are committed to the project, you will definitely gain experience from it. Secondly, it is an indie game which might fail or might be successful. If it becomes successful, we are offering a percentage of the generated revenue or payment if you significantly contribute.

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