Turn based Strategy Game

by James Jones


    This, as yet untitled game, is unique in its implementation of mechanics while offering familiarity in play style.

    Turn based Strategy Game

    This is a game which will be released for PC and eventually linux and Mac as well.

    I am loving this game. The replayability is extremely high and the unique aspect of variability in tactics from the player's perspective will keep them coming back for more.

    It is a turn-based strategy game with many unique features such as terrain modification, high faction diversity, unit variability and many, many others.

    I want to build a game that, even with the same map and settings, offers a widely varied experience each play-though. I want this experience to keep the player on their toes and keep them thinking. I have designed it to prevent players from using things like clicks-per-second, min-maxing and number crunching as "strategies" in the game.

    Tactics should be fluid and this game is designed to reward the player with the best tactics and strategy. The winner is the person (or AI :P) who adapts to the game, not the one who clicks the fastest or does the most math.


    Currently, the Battle and Map screens are implemented and operational. Much of the combat and faction mechanics are done as well. Next, I will start on the Inventory system which is required for the next step in the development of the combat system. At that point, I'll be ready for some character sprite assets in order to test and complete the combat module.

    My part

    I have been and will continue to program and to develop the game mechanics. I have been working on this project (in its current iteration) for about six months and have much of the content already built.

    I will coordinate the design phase to coincide with the code requirements per section of development.

    I will continue to implement the game mechanics and newly-created graphic resources into the game code.

    I will also be engineering the music and sound effects systems including the audio itself.

    (Expected) Revenue

    Steam and GOG will be the platforms of choice for publishing. Beyond title sales, we will be providing an in-app purchasing system for cosmetic micro-transactions that players can purchase to enhance their visual experience. These will not affect the gameplay in any non-visual way; this will not be a pay-to-win game but, rather, a pay-to-look-awesome game.

    Risks & challenges

    Since we're not paying office rental fees the financial risks are non-existent. There are no other relevant potential risks apparent.

    Getting a game to complete production is always a challenge in-and-of itself. Staying focused and putting in the time each week will allow the team to successfully confront this.
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      Tyler Stembridge
      10 months ago
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      Function description

      Your task will be to spend time each week creating and posting content on facebook groups and other social media outlets. You will acquire and keep fans up to date on the latest game developments. More importantly, you will be responsible for spreading the word and making the game known.


      You should be well connected and very skilled in social networking. You should be able to stay focused and keep regular update intervals consistent and constant. You must be 18 years old as you'll need to sign an NDA agreement.


      You will receive a percentage from title sales as well as all future microtransactions at 14% of total net profit.

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