tRust zOnes

by Joe Russell


    2D tile placing & strategy maze game. Random & custom grids. Tunnel flooding. Levers. Doors. Monsters (pacmania).

    This game is the simplified version of project: tRust, better suited for mobile apps but also for development into multi-platform mmorpg community with extra mods to be released in stages. The picture explains it better than words. This app will become the level editor for the 3D game (which renders the 2D content into 3D).


    2D tile placing & strategy maze game. Random & custom grids. Tunnel flooding. Levers. Doors. Monsters (pacmania).

    For more information (which is available) please contact me.

    My part

    My role in the company to date has been: Managing Director. Art Director. Project / product innovator. Marketing. 3D object creator. Website builder.

    I need coders.

    I need people prepared to work for a fair cut of the profits and acclaim of being involved, instead of money up front.

    At this stage of entry level into the professional industry.

    (Expected) Revenue

    Unknown revenue due to venture.
    It is the nature of the industry.

    Team will receive fair % of profits. Largely this depends on quality and quantity of the individuals work.

    "You can have the best product in the world but if nobody has heard of it, whats the point?" Bryce Thomas

    50% goes toward marketing.
    10% goes toward company fund.
    40% toward paying staff.

    It means if for example we sell 10 copies at $10 each copy, and there are two of us (coder & 3D), we get $20 each.
    You can see why marketing is getting $50.
    We want to sell at least 1000 copies so we can get $200 each.

    Market reality is games like this sell typically for $5 for mobile apps but more for desktop and consoles. The purpose of integrating these means upgrade mods can be purchased.

    There are some specific mods to be released in stages after the initial release, to keep the game alive in the marketplace (more profit for us and keeps the fan community dedicated). I will still need a coder for that.

    There will also be in-game purchases of perishable and bonus items that will help characters to advance through the game.

    Risks & challenges

    It getting ripped off by some other developer before we can release it. To this end we have copyrighted proof of concept.
      • Coder

      • 4-8 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Orientation as to the best approach to building this project; whether to use an existing engine or to write our own from scratch and if so to have an ability to do that. I have built the 3D content but do not have sufficient skills in game engines to answer the above and I have no skills in coding. It will be modular, which can be added to by importing other modules to extend function of the core software. It will be created in stages. I have a map of that.


      The coder will take on the role of providing the software infrastructure. Timescale depends on the coders skill and dedication.


      The code will be owned by the company of which the coder is employee and receiving a % of profits rather than a specific salary. Promotion of employees is a natural part of promotion of products.

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