Cryptic Dungeons

by Ayman Mahin


    A randomly generated pixel dungeon where the player must overcome its challenges with friends or alone.

    Cryptic Dungeons will be a dungeon crawler game, where we will be using GameMaker engine to create this game with pixel art style. The player is thrown into a randomly generated dungeons that would be pre-made rooms randomly connecting to each other via an algorithm, the player can go in either solo or with friends and must conquer the dungeons, of course the game wont be as simple, the monsters and traps will constantly provide a challenge and would throw the player off balance leading them to their inevitable death. the player would go back to the hub world where certain merchants will be available, using the coins he earned as "monster drops" he will upgrade his equipment and skill tree, providing him with much better gear to proceed further in the dungeon, of course the game will include many Easter eggs, monsters, items, classes, skills, and spells, along with expansions for new rooms, dungeon themes, and bosses, hopefully if the game were to be successful there would be events.

    My part

    I will be the lead design and team manager as I have no experience, I could help with animations by learning a little bit, as for programming I understand the concept and how the programming language works as I did a little bit myself.
    I will constantly help the team and answer their questions, as well as advertise the game and our work progress to hype the community, I will create working schedules fit for each member depending on their daily life works and schedules, as well as constantly creating enhancements for the game and adding more content so the team can keep up their pace of work.

    (Expected) Revenue

    There wont be monthly payments as Im a student and cannot afford to pay a team atm, when the game reaches a closed alpha phase we will release it and start a kickstarter campaign, whether the kickstarter is successful or not, the revenue gathered will be split among the team equal as seen fit, I wont be taking much personally since Im not doing much of the important work.
    The expected selling price for the full released product would be from 39-45$, discussion must be made with the full team regarding the price.

    Risks & challenges

    As I said beforehand, Im a high school student and cannot pay any kind of wage to the team to perform this project, income would be split among the team as seen fit, but do keep in mind that this project could fail, and thus, no income is guaranteed.
      • Pixel Artist

      • 4-8 h.p.w
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      Function description

      The Pixel artist will create tons of assets, she/he would have the most hours working on this game, the Pixel Artist will create many decoration and dungeon base block, used to build the dungeon rooms, character designs and tons of armor and weapons, monsters and items, AND animations etc. many more will be added as project expands further. - If the Artist requires assistance PIXEL ART or ANIMATION I would gladly recruit more members to the team.


      - Preferably from the EU region, for easier communications and time management without time-zone interruptions. - Has skills in creating Pixel art, dedication for this project as he/she would be the main center block for this project. - Take note when applying for this position you must send me some sore of an example you've created. - Must have Discord. - The devotion time can be discussed, I am a very understanding person.


      Nothing, read the "Expected Revenue" & "Risks" sections for more information.
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