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    I'm an experience game developer, although I find coding to be a hassle. Looking for experienced programmer (Unity)

    Looking for experienced Unity programmer to code my latest project "Voodoocide". Job's a 50/50 revenue split, I'll do everything else, you just code the game. Must be able to communicate and update frequently. Project estimation about 5 months development time.

    Basic idea of the game:

    OBJECTIVE: Kill enemies using magic bloodstones with voodoo properties.

    How to kill enemies: 1) Accquire bloodstones 2) shoot enemy with bloodstone 3) KILL YOURSELF ( before they recover ) to transfer the effects of the death to the infected enemy and return to life. ( see video for working example )

    My part

    I would be doing everything but the code, visuals, sounds, the works.

    (Expected) Revenue

    I typically don't sell my games, usually use a "pay what you want" model on Gamejolt. If I get a coding developer on board, I will put the game up on steam under both our names and we will split whatever profit we get from it there, minus the fee to upload it which I will front in full.

    Risks & challenges

    It's game development. A lot of people say they want to do it but in my experience many people give up or lose interest when it gets too hard. I've been making indie games over a decade so I'm in it until the end. What I would expect is for total commitment from the programmer involved. This means no dropping communication for weeks or missing deadlines. If you can do this, and can show some prior examples of successful game projects you have helped develop, then come talk to me.
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      Function description

      Code the game ( using Unity Engine ) as instructed. We will have conversations and need to go over the key points in a game design document to stay on track.


      Past work a must, also must be reliable and stick to deadlines as well as have good programming and communication skills.


      In return for programming a successful game, you will get half of whatever profit it makes.

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