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by Gregoire Boulland


    Chroma is a project of TD game for phones. Looking for a dev. Good part of ideas and design is already set up.

    What is this game about ? Chroma is an original tower defence base on colours. Base on its colour, a tower will be able to shoot different enemies. Towers are upgradable using a prism. Upgrading a tower will make it higher, and will increase power and range.

    Unlike most TD on the market, this game will be based on reflexion more than on many towers and hundreds of enemies. Players will win by making the right decisions and upgrading the right towers at the right time.

    I want many levels more than long ones, different worlds and different enemies/tiles so people never get bored over time.

    An overview (of a part) of the existing design :

    My part

    Hi :) I'm graphic designer looking for a phone game dev to make a game I have already worked about for almost a year now. Someone started to code it but for computers but the gameplay fits for a phone game better.

    - I have already 75% of the gameplay ideas.
    - I will provide all the graphic design. 80% of the images are already existing.
    - About 50% of the interface has been designed too.

    I have all the basic stuff ready in my mind to make it viable. But nothing is definitive. I would love to have my ideas challenged to make the gameplay smoother.

    (Expected) Revenue

    I haven't thought a lot about revenue yet since I'm doing all this aside my job and because I love what I do.

    So I don't think this project is for you if you are looking for any sort of early revenue... Unless the development of the game is great enough to make it playable on Android or Iphone of course.

    Then, the revenue could be about 40% of the total.
    About the game itself I have considered both and I still don't know if it should be a freemium or just a 2 to 5 euros game. In case we want it to be free there will be many ways to add further content (gems, boosts or stuff like that) to get a revenue. But I won't accept adds everywhere like in 90% of the games.

    Risks & challenges

    The main risk would be you not liking the existing style of the game or you not liking the way I see the gameplay or even the game itself.
    I have thought about this game for more than a year now and there are things I won't want to change :/

    If you enjoy the existing part of the game and you wanna be part of it... then I guess the only risk is you quitting (because, believe it, I won't !)

    There is no deadline, no real constraint. This is all about making a beautiful and original game.
    Final goal : publish it on the App Store or Android Store :)
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      Josh Alexander
      9 months ago
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      Function description

      I am looking for a programmer to do all the coding stuff of the game based on images I will provide (no 3D). The profile I am looking for is someone from anywhere, to work from home, when he has time, but who is motivated. I do have a job aside, so I won't work on it full time either. You will have to adapt on a big part of the stuff I have already made since I won't go back from scratch... If you believe this game has a chance on the market or if you just love the style... Then contact me ! :) You will have to adapt but... as the only dev, you will have the control of all your part and no-one will interfere with your way of coding. The only thing that matter will be the result at the end. Considering the devotion, it will really depend on the time you can spend on it. Because I have all the basics of the design, it means the speed the project will be going on will be only based on your own devotion for a while. Then I'll work on all the stuff you need to continue the code.


      A software to code the game obviously, game maker, unity etc An ability to make a game and publish it. Skills in sound design would be a +, I know music is really important into a game, specially in a game we want beautiful.


      All my consideration :D That would be a dream for me to see this project becoming alive ! Seriously, I offer 40% of the profit of the game. But don't do it for money, otherwise the result will be a give up or a disappointment... Make it for the love of game making ! :)
    mrprograms 8 months ago
    facebook erick lestrange programmer id like to collab if ure up for it
    Gregoire Boulland 8 months ago
    Sorry but I don't need a programmer anymore. The team is full and I am find with how it goes now. Thanks for the interest for my project Greg

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