Space Bots Game

by CodeAlpha


    I'm searching a professional or amateur 3D designer who can create futuristic models !

    The project is a video game called "Space_Bots".

    You have a small Station Core in space with some asteroids fiels around. You must recover basic ressources in these asteroids in order to build new modules to your Space Station and unlock new possibilities. But, that's boring to do it only with your own little spaceship. Why not use bots to do the job for you? Set them to accomplish a certain task, and create a chain of bots to automate everything and grow your base at the highest speed possible!

    But of course, it will not be so pleasant. Space Pirates are always searching for ressources to loot and little bots to destroy... Set up defences and make them flee away!

    My part

    My part of the project is, of course, the gameplay idea :D But also the programming stuff in Unity, which I can do on my own. I can do a very little bit of designing, but I'm absolutely not good at it so it's why I want to find someone who's trained to do it :)

    (Expected) Revenue

    The expected revenue is pretty simple: you will earn 30% of the revenue of the game sells. But if you really want a fixed revenue, I won't say no! :)

    Risks & challenges

    The biggest risk is, of course, that the game may not be appreciated and to selled as good as expected... And the challenge is that in my situation, I can't really afford very big investments.
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      Your role is going to be helping me in game development, as I'm not a professional and I'm probably not able to do an entire game on my own.


      I don't require any profesional skills. Just someone who's in touch with game development with Unity and can help me.


      Of course a copy of the game, but also a revenue based on the game sells revenue if it come out (probably 25%).
    Bobby Greathead 7 months ago
    What kind of art style are you thinking of?

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