Virtual reality Cooperative Escape roomish game

by John van Terheijden


    Looking for enthousiasts to work on a VR Escape room / Keep-talking-and-nobody-explodes like game.

    I want to create some mashup between Keep talking and nobody explodes, Escape rooms (real / tabletop), Captain Sonar (a board game) and cooperative Portal 2.

    In VR.

    I don't have a complete plan yet, but it should at least be VR and co-op, and probably vs. a timer. I like the replayability of Keep talking. Maybe something like that, in VR. And the role of the expert(s) could be random generated too? Or a more symmetric experience where everyone gets parts of puzzles, in the same or maybe in separate rooms, and you have to figure out how to solve it together? Lots of room for creative ideas here.

    I've got a Google Cardboard to play around with, and am in the process of creating some prove-of-concept project in Unity just to get something working. Not sure if that's the final target device, but it's cheap, easy to get and portable.

    My part

    I will be the main developer. Working with Unity. Just starting with it, but I'm an object oriented programmer and I have some 3d experience.

    (Expected) Revenue

    For now; not a clue. I just started Unity and I'm just brain storming, so no expectations yet on that department.

    Risks & challenges

    In the end, we could fail to deliver a finished product. For me, it's more about the fun and learning process than the final target.

    I challenge on my part is that Unity could prove to be more difficult than expected.
      • 3d modeler

      • 4-8 h.p.w
      Andrew Connelly
      1 year ago
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      Function description

      I can do some basic room / object modeling. But I need someone for the more detailed, attractive 3d and texture designs.


      3d model and photoshop skills


      A solid and fun project member :)

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