Couch Quest

by Stephen Ferrara


    More info has been updated including a better description of the game, and role details.

    Couch Quest is a local multiplayer game for the Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch home consoles that can best be described as Firefly meets Diablo, meets X-Men The Arcade Game.



    The game will feature an engaging episodic Sci-Fi story that will have players and their friends smack in the middle of a galactic conflict.  The first episode will take the players to four worlds/environments complete with their own challenges and rewards. 


    The gameplay perspective will change between an isometric camera that follows all four players for the majority of the game, and a fixed camera for specific encounters.

    Combat is intended to be simple but deep.  On the Nintendo switch players will will only need to use a single joycon as movement is controlled with a single joystick, 3 buttons will be used for player attacks, and the 4th button will be used for player interactions with objects.

    Combat philosophy is to never fight alone.  Players will have to attack enemies, and enemy swarms together based on their different weaknesses.


    The game will feature a leveling system (details to be shared with the team) for the player, and their attacks.

    Loot is critical to a game of this nature, and will be done so in this game in the form of weapons granting attack, and shield modifications/boost.


    This team is being assembled by a current games industry member who has worked on games ranging from PC MMOs to renowned mobile franchises. This team is looking for ambitious and passionate individuals who want to be apart of exploring new gameplay mechanics, and story telling.

    The Game Design Document will be shared on the project start date.

    My part

    Title: Designer, Programming Lead
    Duties: Creation of Game Design document, approval of final features both code, art assets, and story.

    Lead all hands on meeting, and programming meeting. Present for writers meeting.

    Manage the Unity project. Assign coding task to the code team. Complete all assigned code task for each sprint. Gameplay Programmer will lead code review.

    (Expected) Revenue

    60% of revenue will be shared among the team, with 20% being saved for future development, and 20% being saved if additional hires are needed to complete the project.

    Once a prototype is built a Kickstarter may be launched to help fund development.

    Risks & challenges

    Working remotely, time management, and availability will be needed.

    A spreadsheet were team members can leave their availability will be shared.
      • Gameplay Programmer

      • 1-2 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Duties: Complete assigned programming task, participate in team meetings, and code reviews. Playtest the game when available. The devotion section is representative of weekly meetings.


      Working knowledge of C#, object oriented programming, game development, and attention to detail.


      10% of the games profits
      • Environment Designer

      • 1-2 h.p.w
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      Function description

      The Environment Designer will be in charge of the complete pipeline for the games environments. This includes, modeling, texturing, and importing into Unity 3D. The devotion section is representative of weekly meetings, and no actual work put in to creating the art assets.


      Art portfolio must be submitted in a message along with your join request including but not limited to 3D modeling, and texturing. Maya, 3ds Max, or Blender proficiency.


      10% profits
      • Story Artist

      • 1-2 h.p.w
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      Function description

      Duties: Complete 2D art with motion graphics for Unity 3D implementation. The devotion section is representative of weekly meetings, and no actual work put in to creating the art assets.


      2D art portfolio must be submitted with a message in your join request.


      10% profits
    Niall Robert Ivin 1 year ago
    What genre is this game supposed to be? What style of gameplay? Would be interested in writing but would like to know more about what you have already established.
    Joe Russell 12 months ago
    There is very little info what this project actually is about aside from people will be sitting on sofa's passing a controller between them and there will be story and combat. That's not much help for people curious to be working on it. Please update the descriptions and expectations. An example of something similar would be good.
    Stephen Ferrara 11 months ago
    [This comment is removed by the project owner]
    Stephen Ferrara 11 months ago
    Thanks for your interest in the project! The details you are requesting will be uploaded soon(Thursday at the latest) as the game has changed dramatically since this project was first posted.
    Alvin Zheng 11 months ago
    Does the project require you to be physically present or can you work on it online?

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