The Lotus

by Merlygames


    It's an awesome 3D game with action, tragedy, horror and the players play in the dark side of the moon.

    -An entirely new story.

    -Intense action, claustrophobia sometimes, first-person shooter/ changeable to third person, big map, different missions.

    -A plot full of pain, dangers, drama, tragedy and more.

    -A third person game, with some puzzles, optional missions and a lot of ways to kill the enemies.

    -The player will be able to save the game once he finishes the mission. Also, the player will be able to save the game when he isn't in combat.

    -This is a bit inspired by the Hitman series but with his own plot. The game will be for PC. 

    -The music sometimes will be tense and other times happy. It will depend on the levels and the timing.

    -The player and the enemies will have access to a large arsenal: from katanas, knives, H&K MP7sMinebea 9mm machine pistols, grenade launchers to big weapons as the powerful calibre 50 and the minigun.

    -The enemy will be the Yakuza mafia. Also, Akiko will be the target of some mercenaries and other hitmen. 

    -We are a team of 45 people for now.

    Synopsis of the story:

    Akiko, nickname: The Lotus, the only thing left at the scene.Twenty-fivee years old and already 150 people died by her hands.

    Born as a normal girl but trained to be a monster in combat, a real nightmare. A hitman enjoying every kill with a real scary pleasure. Some people think she brings justice, others think she has to die for her crimes.

    The truth is all her crimes had a purpose: to find the one that killed her parents, turning her into a weapon - the yakuza boss Utoshibo Manakaua. The king of crime, pure evil. But will she even find him? And if she kills him, what she should do next? Will she be able to return to society with her hands stained with blood?

    Young Akiko:

    akiko_young_uniform.pngAdult Akiko made by our best concept artists for characters, Pan Darcy and Jelly:image.png

    My part

    -My part will be promoting the game as well as writing his story and directing everything. Also, I have the clear idea of what game I had like to make.

    This game will be made with Unreal Engine 4.

    Pm me for any question, doubt, etc...

    (Expected) Revenue

    The revenue will be shared with all the people working on the game when the game is completed and released.
    Nt: Possible fundings in the future may include a small loan for the employees.

    Risks & challenges

    Risks: Possible drop of members.

    Things can go wrong and the game can be cancelled.

    Challenges: Create the best game.

    We have a low budget.
      • Sound designers

      • 1-2 h.p.w
      Christopher Pinon
      1 year ago
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      Function description

      We need someone who can connect fmod and unreal as well as implementing all sounds we make together.


      Experience as sound designer. Portfolio or past works. Experience with fmod(More possibilities to get accepted)


      Revenue-share, fair amount of total income.
      • Programmer

      • 1-2 h.p.w
      Chris Ritter
      1 year ago
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      Function description

      You will be the one that will make the script, develop the game's code, testing and bug fixing of the game in Unreal engine 4. Also the gameplay and controls, everything will be made by you. This game won't have multiplayer though it could be added once the game is well made and the people like it.


      Knowledge of C++. Know how to use Unreal Engine. Be able to create good quality script and with this I mean that it doesn't have thousands of bugs that can affect players' experience(This is a plus) A portfolio or past works as programmer.


      Revenue-share, fair amount of total income.

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